CHOC Walk in the Park

You all know how I like to do giveaways – This one is going to for a fellow group member 🙂

Group member Mitchell Simmons is participating in the CHOC Walk in the Park and I want to run a giveaway to all those who make a contribution to his fundraising efforts (any amount). I would love to see our community help reach his goal!

Now you know that I would never ask you for a donation without offering you something in return. Anyone who donates will get a goody bag with the following sent to their inbox:

1. A list of BOLOs (you will find out the number when you get the email).
2. A link to 3 never before seen videos that will be a part of my Udemy course
3. An invitation to private deal finding session with yours truly (reply will be available for those who donate).
4. A link to a private blog post for donations only (to be sent next week).
5. Maybe another free goody or two.

Here is how you can get your hands on one of those goody bags:

  1. Donate any amount to help support Mitchell Simmons on his walk on this page.
  2. Sign up for the email list below.
  3. Confirm your email subscription (you will get an email me asking you to do this)
  4. Wait for your goodie bag 🙂

That’s it! Thank you for paying it forward and let me know if you have any questions.


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