Donald Garber

DonCabosmallerDonald Garber has an extensive background in ecommerce for an amateur. He learned his copywriting and marketing chops while selling on eBay, then expanded to his own ecommerce sites. He likes to tell people he ‘fell into’ selling on FBA after seeing a few videos by Chris Wilkey on YouTube in early 2015. Big picture advice items are: When analyzing items for their viability, make the product prove itself to you. Ask “what’s wrong with this opportunity” and look for possible problems. It’s your investment money. Protect it! Analyze carefully but take action, pay attention to results, and adjust accordingly. Don’t get caught up in tiny details of your business, like where to buy the absolute cheapest labels. You don’t need a special printer, or scanner. Amazon Seller app is the only scanning tool I use (with Keepa graphs, FBAToolkit, and camelcamelcamel occasionally.) Minimize your exposure to loss by buying in limited quantities to test a new product opportunity.