FBA Master Grant Fund

To celebrate reaching over 10,000 member in our Facebook group, we decided to put together the FBA Master Grant Fund.

The FBA Master Grant Fund is a fund created to be an emergency fund for the Amazon selling community. If someone had a life changing emergency, we wanted to have a fund that can be used to help in their time of need.

This fund would have not have been possible without the donations of the following community members:

Joey T. Luong
Wendy Boutsianis
Jason Boyer
Hemant Jain
Joshua J Edinborough
Lucky Vang
Mary Masliah
Eric m bates
Steve Janofsky
joan sipll
Trina Wilkey
Mark Bowles
Mark Bowles
Charlotte Worrell
John Sminkey
Nicholas day
Nicholas day
Kristie Tadlock
Dustin Buchanan
Craig A Morris
Kathy Wright
Brian D. Orlando
Bridget Phillips
Joseph Bellini
Jeri zaretsky
Humberto G Aguirre
Lynn Dean
travis Knoedler
Erika Goodman
Thomas Ramsey
Sheila Anderson Mochrie
Jeffrey Pavacic
Jeffrey Pavacic
Jeremiah G Doolittle
John Anderson
Brian W Schachtner
Joshua Krilov
Jason W Tabbernee
Joshua E Randall
Elaine Benson
Sandy alonzo
Nicholas Shucet
Jobie Speck
Sally Ann Marier
Christopher A Wilkey
vesna kralj
Nicole D Griffin
Kolyo Hristov

For the specifics on the fund can be found below:

  1. All of the funds are held in an investment account in mutual funds. This fund is held by Edward Jones and is managed by Chris Wilkey and his financial advisor.
  2. The initial investment into the fund was $1,100 fully invested into the fund.
  3. In order to apply for funds from this account, one must email chris@fbamaster.com and explain the nature of the emergency. All requests will be processed and awarded based upon available funds and type of emergency.
  4. Due to the size of the fund, not all emergencies will qualify. Each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  5. Grants cannot exceed $200.