Give Yourself Sourcing Superpowers!

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Personally, I would love to be able to read minds, fly, or have the strength of 10,000 men, but let’s be realistic. It’s just not going to happen. I don’t mess with enough toxic chemicals or play with weird stones from other planets.

I’m just a normal guy who sells on Amazon.


I’m not a superhero of any kind (but I would look good in a cape….not so much in the tights).

That’s what most of you reading this are. Just a normal person (if you aren’t, we need to talk ASAP).


But wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to have some superpowers when it comes to selling on Amazon?


Think about it…..You could do things like:


Read the mind the masters who source for their full time income.

Fly around from store to store with a list of high quality product leads.

Be in two places at once as you watch someone else source a new store.

Have super speed to go from newbie to expert faster than everyone else.


Sounds pretty awesome right?


Well, we here at FBA Master decided to call our good friends Chris Anderson and Tyler Nelson and see if they had any radioactive spiders that they picked up from their local Walmart.

When they told us no, we cried a little, but then we started talking about a way to put together a cohort that could help Amazon sellers get some superpowers of their own (just like I have listed above).

What we created is pretty epic (in my honest opinion).

Meet The FBA Super Group!

It’s essentially the culmination of years of coaching, teaching, and product leads combined into one program. We took what has worked really well and removed the things that didn’t and create a new program that gives you the best of the best.

The goal of the group is simple:

Make you a FBA Superhero

This is done by:

Reading the mind the masters who source for their full time income.

Chris Anderson and Tyler Nelson provide a ONE-OF-A-KIND COACHING EXPERIENCE that includes a Facebook group, live videos, personal interactions, and webinars. You get to ask questions and get actual answer from people who are on the ground selling right beside you.

Fly around from store to store with a list of high quality product leads.

The way they have the BOLOs structured in this group is smart. Instead of limiting number of people for the group, they designed a way offer low saturated leads through multiple smaller groups. And instead of just having a bunch of online arbitrage leads or Amazon flips, these product leads actually come from all areas of sourcing including RA, OA, AZ to AZ, and a few other secrets.

Be in two places at once as you watch someone else source a new store.

Instead of just telling you what products to buy, Chris and Tyler (and crew) actually take you sourcing with them. I know that one of the best learning opportunities is going to the same store with another seller and to see it through their eyes. No two sellers are the same and you can always learn from what they pick up or see.

Have super speed to go from beginner to expert faster than everyone else.

This is not a group for complete beginners. They will not cover the basic aspects of the job, like how to set up your account or make a shipment (you can find that all here on FBA Master). However, if you already have a few shipments under your belt, you’ll be just fine. Even seasoned experts will find value and a fresh perspective in FBA Super Group!

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Join the FBA Super Group today!


Chris Anderson, the mastermind behind the Q4 group that helped make people thousands, is leading this group with his partner Tyler Nelson and I can’t stop raving about the quality of their work (and neither can others):

The guys at FBA Master not only provided helpful BOLOs. They brought a desire and willingness to teach and mentor group members starting fresh with FBA. I personally spoke with at least 3 different guys from FBA Master who took lots of time to answer my questions, provide personal details on their own purchases, and give guidance into purchases I was making. I learned a ton from the group, and came away with a decent profit my first 3 months at a business. For the money, I’ll take that any day. I more than paid for my membership with profit. – Jason Neff

This group was more than what I expected it to be. It went from me just wanting to BOLOs to learning more about about to scale my Amazon business. The administrators of the group were super helpful; answered questions, did Facebook Lives and webinars. Everyone in the group chimed in and was ready to help each other. You don’t find a community of people that are willing to help. This group has been a blessing for me and I learned more in this short amount of time then in the last several months. Joining this group was definitely worth the investment. Thank you. I appreciate you guys more than words can say. – Nakia Martineau

Great job! Your teaching style was very easy to follow (group text, webinars and videos). Every question was answered. Ideal for the person just starting out or those who have Amazon selling experience. This group gave me the information and support that helped me reach new sales records in Q4. The BOLOs were money makers. – Alan Katz


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  • January 14, 2017 at 1:36 am

    Is this also for sellers who sell in US but physically are located abroad? How will be products picked up from stores?


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