Suzi Hixon

Suzi HeadshotSuzi is an intellectual property law attorney and small business owner based in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Kentucky. She is an FBA seller and owns a subscription box business. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, Suzi is the founder and CEO of Jungle Prep, a branding and FBA and subscription box prep center. With over thirteen years of experience practicing IP law, combined with over seven years of running her own businesses in San Francisco and Kentucky, Suzi combines her experiences with her superpower of simplifying complex matters and putting them into easily-digestible forms to help her clients build their own businesses.

When Suzi isn’t drowning in packaging at Jungle Prep, you can find her tending to her small chicken flock on the family farm or spending auntie time with her (usually) darling niece and nephew. Suzi is a chocolate addict, self-proclaimed dog whisperer and serious book worm. Writing, teaching, hiking and enjoying home-grown greenhouse tomatoes with her beloved all make her pretty happy, too.