Sometimes just standing in an aisle scanning isn’t enough.  You feel like you blend in too well, just barely different than any other normie shopping.

Those are the days when you are glad you get to wear a shirt designed by one of the best, Erin Potter.

At this time, there are three fantastic options, all of which are unique, original, and only available for purchase on Amazon (although I do expect as this gets out, there will be copycats!).

You can check out them all at once at Sourcing Clothing (get what I did there with that branding?), or here are the current three in the lineup:




(the Scan This is the shirt I own, and actually am wearing right now)


So there you have it.

Feel free to add one to your wardrobe collection today.

Because you SHOULD be the snappiest dressed scanner in the clearance aisle!  You deserve it!