Trick or Treat Candy Drive!

I am a huge supporter of all things that help kids – That’s why we are doing a FBA Master Trick or Treat candy drive. Here is how it is going to work.

      1. You can send any amount of candy to 535 S 14th St, New Castle, IN 47362 (address it to Chris Wilkey) or give a donation of any size through PayPal here.
      2. You will need to sign up for our email list – That can be done right here. We will use this to send you amazing updates and info on upcoming contests.

      3. After you do both of these things, you will shoot me a private message on Facebook.
      4. Once I receive your message, I will send you one of the following prizes (it is completely random – That’s why it’s like trick or treat). I pick the prize and I send it your way. The amount you donate has no impact on the prize selection.
        1. A list of 100 BOLOs.
        2. A list of 200 BOLOs.
        3. Ungating in one category
        4. Ungating in two categories
        5. One 30 minute coaching call
        6. An invitation to a special live deal finding session
        7. Whatever else I come up with

Now you will have to give me some time to get caught up with all of the messages, but everyone who donates will get something 🙂


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