4 Ways To Boost Your Email List Growth

If you read this post, you know that the real money of internet marketing is in the email list.

That being said, I imagine most of you had a question right away.

How do I build my email list?

Over the past few years, I have learned a few surefire ways to help boost your email list if you are having trouble getting started.

So lets get to it!

1 – Hold a contest or raffle

Who doesn’t want a chance to win free shit? The answer is: Everyone wants a chance to win something free. I have done this a few different ways and it has always added 100-200 new emails to my list. A few examples of contests that I have ran:

I bought a $2 Powerball ticket and everyone on my email list got to spilt the winnings if it hit (it also provided some incentive to do it before the drawing).

I would giveaway a few copies of a software extension I had built to people who would enter with their email address.

It’s pretty simple. Buy something or give something away from a sponsor (or even your house).

2 – Give something away for free

Oh I love this one. It’s very similar to a contest/raffle, but everyone is a winner.

I prefer to do this with something that is pretty valuable. This could be a few videos, a small e-book, etc that can’t be found for free on your blog.

Essentially you are saying: Give me your email address and I will give this premium content for FREE.

This one is my favorite because it actually is a double win. You get the email list and you get to provide value to your reader. It’s a big win-win in my book.

I use this on my other blog with a course I built on Udemy about online sourcing that typically retails around $29. I am willing to give away that course because the email list is where the money is.

3 – Offer an take-away at the end of a blog post

I have done this in the form of an autoresponder serious or a bonus PDF that goes with the blog post.

This added bonus is enough to provide that extra value to a reader and give them a reason to give me their email address.

Our blog has done this in a few different ways:

– On a blog post that explains the value of setting goals, we offered a 7 day follow-up with additional content for anyone that signed up for our email list.

– We also offered a newcomer starter series for any new Amazon seller. This provided our best content and delivered it to their inbox for 2 weeks. All for the simple price of an email address.

4 – Provide Value

If you aren’t into the gimmicky ways to build your list, the best possible way to generate a healthy email list is provide great content on a regular basis.

This isn’t rocket science, but if you provide people with enough value (aka great content), they will happily subscribe to your email list.

Remember this (it’s Economics 101):

People are always looking out for their own self-interest.

If you provide more value than another stupid store promotion email, it’s a no brainer to subscribe.

There you have it. Four ways to boost your email list growth with little or no actual monetary cost.

That being said…..Maybe you should subscribe to my email list.


Chris Wilkey (CW)

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