6 Essential Tools for Any Blogger

A plumber has a specific set of tools he/she needs to get the job done. A blogger is no different. As a blogger, you will need a very specific set of tools that can help you succeed in the internet marketing space.

So to help you build your tool set, I have decided to put together a list of the six essential tools that all bloggers should have in their toolbox.

I personally use all of these and couldn’t live without them.

1 – Google Analytics

I’m a data driven individual and you should be too. Data is extremely valuable if you know how to use it.

In the blogging world, the best tool to get information about your blog traffic, referral sites, exit pages, etc, is Google Analytics.

It’s pretty easy to install (it’s just a piece of code that you place in the header of your blog) and it pulls a ton of useful analytics that can help you make educated data-backed decisions about your blog.

Get it here.

2 – Aweber

If you read my blog post about the value of an email list, you know that it is a key for the monetization of your blog.

That being said, you will need a cost-effective email service that will allow you to send emails to all of your subscribers.

The service I use almost daily is Aweber (a great one as well is Convertkit). It has all of the features I need including list segmentation, automation, tagging, and forms. It’s not the cheapest solution on the market, but it’s the best for the job (and I have tried a bunch of different services).

Get it here.

3 – Evernote

Jotting down ideas, brainstorming, and just plain spitballing is what allows us to create great content.

Evernote is the note/word processing software that I use to organize, sort, and store all of the craziness that happens in my head.

I have used it for years and have thousands of different ideas, topics, and half completed posts that I can always refer back to and find using Evernote’s awesome search feature.

Get it here.

4 – Canva

Some people will tell you that you need a high powered graphic design software like Photoshop in order to create quality graphics for your blog.

That’s simply not the case.

Meet a free solution called Canva.

It does everything that the non-graphic designer needs for a blog and social media channels. You simply choose the image you are trying to create and use it’s simple tools to personalize to you.

Get it here.

5 – SumoMe

This might one of my favorites on the list.

Building an email list can be hard (unless you follow some of my tips here), but SumoMe makes it a little easy by providing you some incredible tools.

The basic (and free) package is what you will need to start with on your blog. Once you start getting a steady flow of traffic to your blog, you might want to consider getting the paid version.

The tools you will want to use right away are:

Welcome Mat

Get it here.

6 – Asana

One of my biggest downfalls is my inability to stay focused on one task at a time. With a brain that is always running, it is very easy to get distracted and bounce from one task to another (just ask my wife).

To help keep me focused on the upcoming tasks I have, I use a project management tool called Asana.

This is actually a tool that I use at my full-time job and one that I implemented at the ad agency before I left. I use it each and every day and I am in love with it.

Get it here.

And there you have it. 6 tools that every blogger or internet marketer should have in their toolbox.  If you need a course in higher education, check out clickfunnels.

If you have any additions, make sure to leave them as a comment below!



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