April….My best month ever?!?

FBA selling is a person to person business, LIKE ALL BUSINESS!
FBA selling is a person to person business, LIKE ALL BUSINESS!


I am an FBA seller. I work on my own terms, my own time, my own profit guidelines, my own rules (so long as I follow the official rules set by Amazon of course).

Last month was my best month ever (not counting December, which are anomaly months for comparison purposes), and month to month profit continues to grow.

Someone emailed me last week, and was asking what to do about his declining sales, and after going back and forth I realized mine were growing.

He asked how.

That led me to this post.

My sales profits continue to grow for 3 distinct reasons.

1.  People
2.  People
3.  People

It is not as though the concept of networking is new, as I first wrote about it last year.

And it is not as though there are not concrete examples from Mike and Chris working together, in addition to the blog I think Mike will be posting Friday.

It is one of the most simple and oft spoken rules of business, and so often it is overlooked or dismissed.


For me, here is a quick breakdown of how it works.

Show up where other people are

I must be around like minded people in order to be in a position for success. When and where people talk about selling on Amazon, I do my best to be at and a part of. It is similar to learning a new language, you submerge yourself in the language and pick it up out of necessity. So as long as I am with, around, and talking to other sellers about Amazon, I am going to learn more.

Provide Value

This is so tricky for so many people. Everyone always believes they have this super great invention, and they keep it to themselves so nobody steals the idea. That is asinine.

There is so much for everyone, we just need to share it.

Once we pass those mental blocks about giving, we can progress to the next part of this power equation.

Reap the benefits

After showing up and providing value first, then the goodies show up for you. Once you have demonstrated that you are valuable to the community, people want you around, and they also want to repay you. And in a simple concept such as BOLO exchange, give a few GOOD ones away and see what happens.

Once people give a little, they get a little back. From somewhere, that part isn’t as important. Once they have given, they have room to receive, and they always get full.

Here is a quick info graphic to help explain the concept in an easy way:

Show up.

Now, back to the original question.

Why does my business continue to grow?

Well, I continue to put myself out there. I continue to work hard at growing this community, because it helps me become a better seller, and more importantly, a better buyer.

I continue to network.

That cannot be said enough.

Last week I decided after taking almost 6 months off from doing AZ to AZ flips that I wanted to begin finding them and buying them again.

So…..what did I do?

I built a micro mastermind.

I recruited four people that I had noticed CONSISTENTLY providing value, and asked them if they would be interested in a mastermind. (This exact step was taken to actually form the FBA Master community in 2014 actually)

Last month I became a member in Andy Slamans RA Co-op, to which I initially thought was a ridiculous idea. I was wrong. The group is brilliant, the sharing is brilliant, and the items shared are sick.

I buy lists.

I use OAXRay.

If you aren’t sure if OAX is for you, that’s fine, but if you are on the fence check out the live free course Chris is doing.

Here is the thing. I do not do anything special. I do not do anything that we do not try and get you to do. My budget is not unlimited, and I am not rich to where mistakes won’t matter. They do, so I do my best to minimize them.

I just got a PL item shipped in, I am loosely/slowly working on my first bundle, and I have made a few wholesale orders.

To that end, I bought a wholesale list off Deal Diva Barbara, and while I haven’t used it yet, I know it is the shortcut to getting the information that I personally need to help push me forward.

I’ve hired packing and shipping help, and outsourced a portion of my OA to a prep center (this portion is slowly growing, and I expect in the next few months I’ll do majority of my OA though a prep center).

baker-1194428_1920It’s a piece of cake growing this business, because that is how I treat it.

Like a business.


Sorry if there wasn’t a quick recipe to follow to boost your sales.

Oh wait, there was.

Share. Provide value. Help people build their puzzles.


Before you say you are too new to help someone learn or provide value, consider the fact you know more than someone who knows NOTHING. So if you know an answer to a question, ANSWER IT!

That, my friends, is the secret sauce.

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  • May 11, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Thx for sharing!
    At what point u get involved in a mastermind?


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