Are you a Struggling Newbie? Hopefully this will help!

Yesterday I sent out a request for blog topics, and the response was honestly overwhelming.

Some will require me to do some serious homework before I can actually post them, and some are my own experience. Those are always much easier to share and write.

The first one I will post is the following :

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.33.30 PM

Well, the good part about this is that EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVE1071003367_f035293dae_bRYONE has been new at one point or another. While some may quickly forget it and move ahead as if their shit doesn’t stink, the fact remains we were all rookies at one time or another.


The biggest issue I often have in my business life is shiny object syndrome.

I love to learn new tricks and ideas. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that. However, my issue is that as I am learning I often discover something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I SET OUT TO LEARN, and then I chase down the new dream

At the end of the day, I have a pile of half dreamt dreams sitting around waiting.

Then the cycle starts anew.

With FBA, I counted last night, there are one hundred and six billion and 13 Facebook groups/books/blogs/mentorships/gumroads. As a new seller, this can be incredibly overwhelming.

There are topic based books like the guide to selling board games and there is the proven amazon course and there is the silent sales machine  and the ever famous Chris Green Arbitrage book and the follow up of online arbitrage. And that is a FRACTION of the possibilities. There are hundreds. Possibly thousands.

The problem is, as a new seller, it is overwhelming. There is a clear case of potential information overload, which can lead to analysis paralysis.

There is a computer learning technique called Just in Time Learning.  This is similar to Just in Time Teaching, but it specifically applies to the task at hand in the IT world. So for FBA, this translates simply to learn in order.

Learn what you need to know now.

Want to do private label, but you know that you are several months from having the money and you need to figure out how to ship product in first? Stop listening to podcasts about PL if you know for 100% sure it does not apply at this point in your life. Learn exactly what you need to do to take the next step.

Money is definitely tight in the beginning. However, recently I read a post by Jeremy Wilson in the EPS Group, and you can click the link after to see the Gary V video he was talking about :

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.27.20 PM

Money will always be an issue. But it should never stop you. Creativity will always trump and help you move ahead financially.

As for replens, well we have definitely talked about them at length (check out Mike’s awesome blog here), and likely we will again. I have some really good ones, some so-so ones, and some that I might sell 5 a month only. But I continue to test and check and find new ones. A quick search on this site for replenishables will bring you a lot to read, and, there is no way around it.


There is no fast way to get them, but through time you will have them if you learn and understand the basics, and DEFINE what you are looking for and what you hope to get. Once you have a clearly defined destination in mind, I believe you will find the journey easier to navigate.

As for anxiety…..well…..I just started to read this book here.

I cannot say for sure it will help, but so far its pretty awesome information lol.

So….Lisa…..not sure if I shed any light…..but….that was my best attempt!

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Till next week, when I answer another!

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