Quick Sourcing Tip — Guest Video

BrianBlogBrian Schachtner is back with a guest video on how he uses OAXRay to look deep into a category, rather than just checking the clearance aisles.  If you don’t know what OAX is, then you should checkout the hangout Chris did with the developer.  Also, if you signup through us, you get double the free trial period and you get a first month guarantee where Chris/John/Mike will pay your fee if you’re unsatisfied.  

If I remember my numbers right, Brian’s sales jumped about $1200 the first month he started using OAX.  We have challenged him and get his revenue doubled by November and December.  In this video, he shows one of the ways he’s been able to find some new products that have helped him with that month-over-month increase.

Brian has also told me two things:

  1. He would like feedback on his videos.  He isn’t some expert youtube creator — he is just a guy who likes to help others out.  So far he’s only made two videos.  If you have some positive feedback or some constructive criticism, I’m sure he’d like to hear it.
  2. He is willing to answer questions.  It’s not fair to have 1000 people sending him private messages asking questions, but if you do run into something you’d like answered, leave a comment here or in the facebook thread and he’ll do his best to hop on and find an answer for you.



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