Death and Drifting…How to stave off one of them!

I’m going to die soon.

It was Michael Hyatt who first made me realize it, and how it would be a topic for my blog. But it was on my mind after I hung up the phone with Chris Green.

See what I did there, with the name dropping?

Anyway, last week I jump on Facebook and I see a post from Chris Green saying something along the lines of “PM me your number and I’ll call you.”

I assumed he would be inundated with PM’s, but I sent mine anyway.

And like 15 minutes later, I heard my phone ring.

And that deep, southern, Texas drawl, unmistakable in tone, was on the other line.

At that exact moment he called, brace yourself……..I was walking into a Meijer by me. I had both kids, and I was double carting per my normal day.

After a few minutes of me telling him what I was getting, he asked a simple question, and it has stuck with me:

“What is your plan man, are you gonna flip nail polish for the rest of your life?”


I will quickly make clear that nail polish has been substituted for the actual items I was picking up, because, well, because I’m mysterious like that.


When he said that, it made me aware of a few things. It doesn’t matter how quick I can get to 6 figures anymore, it doesn’t matter how many times I can flip everything till q4, it doesn’t matter. While it is possible I can work hard AND smart and become one of those 10 Million Dollar Mega-sellers, it’s not necessarily what I want.

Right now I have everything I want. I work some hours every week, and I make some money. I make more than enough to pay my bills, save/invest a bit, and grow my business steadily. I work way less than should be possible, and I spend more time with my wife and kids than I ever dreamed possible.  I had steak and eggs for breakfast today for the 4th time this week.

But flipping nail polish?


It’s not going to be enough for me, that much I know.

I need this kind of excitement and joy in my life.

The very same day I was driving home, and started scrolling through my podcast feed to find something to listen to. And I stumbled upon Chris Ducker doing an interview with Michael Hyatt about a new book from Michael Hyatt called Living Forward.

One of the major points he drives home in this book is the fact that we are all dying, no matter how we try and ignore/pretend/manipulate this fact. And as such, we must make plans.

The easy example he uses is that of a bad marriage. Nobody plans on a having a bad marriage, it just drifts that way. Nobody ever intends on going out of business, it just drifts that way.

So….what should we do?

We should prevent the drift.

And how do we prevent drift?

According to Michael Hyatt we should write out our destination. Write out the description of your ideal marriage, and then you know which direction you are heading to prevent drift.

Or….in the case of FBA and business….write out your destination.

For me, I am officially full time now. I have a few decent sources of income coming in, FBA by far the biggest though. But I have an affiliate website that makes a few hundred each month, I am delving into Shopify, my Merch account is beginning to hum, and so on.


Do I really want to flip nail polish forever?

I have sexy legs, but putting this on after each sale is getting annoying.

There are some staples in what we try to get people to understand during our weekly blogs.

Build a network.

Set goals.

Know some basics. 

So how am I going to carry this whole random post home?



One of my favorite blog posts on this site ever (besides the above know some basics link) is this one by Mike Garner :

If You Won’t Quit, Then Set Goals

Read the post. It was the tail end of his quit selling one amazon series (part 1 and part 2)

Towards the bottom is an email sign up. When you sign up, you get added to a 7 part email series spanning 3 months that Mike worked at setting up to help each of us as sellers grow. By my rough calculation, this is the 3rd time I’ve mentioned it in a blog post, the third time I signed up, and to date the first two I never followed up on.

But now? What’s different?

I remembered I’m dying.

And while that isn’t meant to be morbid, it is meant as a solid reminder.

I want to grow my business, and I want to grow my life. And as an entrepreneur, they often go hand in hand.

Drifting can be a very lonely path.
Drifting can be a very lonely path.

What I do not want is to drift.

And I know I will continue to drift if I do not make some sort of plan.

So I am filling out this goal sheet, FOR REALZ KIDZ!

And further more, if anyone is here and interested, see the post and sign up at the bottom.

Then go here

It is an open google sheet where we can put our names, our email, and our progress. I will definitely follow up with people on the list, and I hope that you will follow up with me. I need to be held accountable more often than not, to prevent self-drift.


That is all.

I am setting my destination, and I am following a path to get there.

Hope to see you arrive at yours!

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