Finding Free Time To Build Your Side Income Streams

I hear it all the time:

Chris: How do you find the time to do all of this?

You mean to tell me that working a full time job, managing two blogs, pursuing my second masters degree, uploading shirt designs, and having time to go out drinking with my father-in-law every Friday night isn’t normal?

Ok. Ok. I know it’s not normal, but it’s the way I have set up my lifestyle.

But how!?

Well. There are actually three main reasons:

1 – I don’t spend time watching TV, movies, or video games.

My hobby is actually blogging and making money online. 

This might sound stupid, but there are a bunch of you (not all) that could most likely tell me the winner of the 29th season of Survivor or which family has killed more people in Game of Thrones.

There is nothing wrong sitting back, relaxing, and watching your favorite TV show, but I find countless hours each week that I can invest in my hobbies.

One week I counted the amount of time that my wife watched TV and I worked on my businesses online. Guess what the total was….

19 hours

Gibbs and crew from NCIS were on in the background while I worked, but I was able to put 19 hours of additional time into my week by not getting caught up in another murder mystery.

Start doing the math and you will realize that I get almost 80 hours of additional time per month.


Note: I am a really strong auditory learner, so I can listen to a TV show and still follow along in my head while I am writing a blog post or uploading a shirt design. Sometimes I am able to help my wife follow a show even though I’m not actively watching.

2 – I’m a morning person.

Have you ever wondered what the lines at Walmart are like on a Sunday morning around 6 AM? There are none.

I do all of my tasks that would typically take time away from my family and friends when they are still asleep. There are days where I get more done in the first 3 hours of the day than I get done for the rest of the day.

It also extends to my activities during my lunch break at work. Instead of sitting around and watching soap operas with the older ladies in my office, I get out and do something each day. Some days, I mystery shop. Others, I run the errands that I would have to do on a Saturday afternoon. Others, I stay in and write a blog post or two.

It all boils down to this:

I know how I operate and I use it to my advantage

If you are a night person, get your stuff done while everyone else is asleep. Use whatever advantage you have and manufacture time (I know that sounds weird, but it’s the art of doing something while you should be doing something else).

Starting next week, I’ll be writing papers for my masters classes on Saturday mornings while I sit and drink my coffee. That’s how I create the time.

3 – I outsource.

If you read my blog post on outsourcing Merch by Amazon designs, you would have seen a piece of advice I live by:

Only do what only you can do

I’ll be writing a full run down of what this means, but in short it means that you should only do the activities that you should do.

If I was an economics professor, I would say that you would be maximizing your marginal utility.

If I wanted you to understand what I was saying, I would say that you should do what brings you the most value (aka makes you the most money).

You shouldn’t spend your time on tasks that take a lot of time and provide very little value.

You should spend your time on the activities that bring you the most value (typically the tasks that only you can do).

Once you learn this balance, you will find that you will free up a lot of time and be able to get more bang for your buck (actually your hour, but you get the idea).

And those are the secrets to having more time to build the lifestyle you always dreamed about. 



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