Focus……Pay Attention……Quit Drifting…….

This past week I have hired not one, but two helpers/assistants/whatever the hell you want to call them, and am in negotiations with a third. And I’ve begun the project of swapping out my garage into a bundle assembling/multi-packing sweatshop. My RA has been focused solely on grocery these last few weeks, and it’s success has made me change a few things around on the homefront, which is always exciting.

Major changes :

1.  Hiring people to bag/pack     
2.  Hiring people to source        
3.  Build sweatshop


Ive always been more into the mental side of growth and task-mastering, how it can apply to business and personal development.

Because of this, I listen to a lot of business podcasts, and I seem to constantly hear John Lee Dumas saying “Follow one course until success.”

In no way is that an easy task for me. My mind is constantly looking for new angles, new profits, new sources, new new new. I am just wired in that way, and for me it is difficult to simply sit down and focus.

Amazon is a blessing and a curse, in that it provides so many wonderful opportunities to make money.

There is merch by amazon.

There is private label.

There is online arbitrage.

There is retail arbitrage.

Those are the easy and big 4 that we talk about. In addition there is Amazon associates, selling FBA or amazon related services, selling books, selling tools needed to prep and pack, selling prep and pack services, and on and on.


If you factor in shopify and etsy and eBay and affiliate websites and the list goes on and on.

There are a great number of ways to make money, and they all are accessible by ANYONE with internet access.


So what is my issue?



There is no reason for me to continue to start new projects until I have either completed or excelled at a current one.

I have gotten significantly better at this since going full time in December.

Outsourcing is beyond important, and I am working on a full case study for June posting. But it has changed everything in my business.

But there are some smaller, quicker, and more immediate steps I have taken to help me get focus.

1.  Know your why 

This is semi obvious, but if you know your why and think about it regularly, it can make focusing on the tasks at hand more crisp.

2.  Write things down

This is a new one for me. But I am writing out goals more regularly (remember when Mike posted that blog and we all signed up and never filled out our sheets…….oh…….only I neglected to fill them out……yeah right lol)

I journal about my business daily now. I have a goal sheet, I keep track of what I’ve done right and wrong. And it helps me look back and focus, and look ahead with deliberate action.

If this is where you work, how the hell are you supposed to focus?
If this is where you work, how the hell are you supposed to focus?
3.  Clean up your desk

If you have a cluttered desk, you have a cluttered mind. If you have a cluttered mind, you cannot focus.

4.  Mastermind

By committing to being in a small, tight network of like minded individuals, you can explode the growth curve and just shoot up. I am in a few, and am actually starting one TODAY to work towards a higher percentage of Amazon to Amazon flips in my business.

These are four quick and easy steps you can take right now to improve your focus, which will improve your business, which will improve your cash flow, which will improve your stress, which will improve your life.

If that seems like a big step from focusing to getting a better life, try it. If I’m wrong, let me know.

But I’ve already been there.

And I feel good.


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