Getting My Groove Back


That was one of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of this FBA world.

Not a freedom of being independently wealthy, although that is possible and will be bad-ass when it happens, but more so the lifestyle freedom so often muttered about when talking about internet businesses.

This past week I was in Florida with my family.  While there I had TERRIBLE wifi connection and was hardly able to get online consistently.  I could connect, but it took so long to load things that I quickly lost patience and wanted to go back to playing with the kids.

But guess what?

I was still able to get some work done.

Because I needed to.  I cannot just sit and not feel productive.  I needed to get things done to further move me into place to reach my goals.

Goals, remember? 

Gotta have them! 

Well, not technically, but it certainly does increase the likelihood of success.

I was able to get my tax id uploaded to a few liquidation and closeout companies, I did some bundle research and have two separate bundles all ordered, and I wrote up a blog I have for September.

But what was amazing was the fact I was able to create shipments in Inventory Lab that the prep center was able to ship out to Amazon for me.  It is amazing what can happen once outsourcing becomes a part of the normal routine.

Next week I will go through the steps necessary for starting a business legally, and a few tax benefits of getting a tax reseller id and what that actually means.

For now though, I need to catch back up on shipping what came to my house while I was gone, because even though I did get to make some sales while I was on vacation, it doesn’t mean I get to stop now that I am home!

One thought on “Getting My Groove Back

  • August 19, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    My family took a cruise vacation to Alaska late in July. While I didn’t feel that I really ‘needed’ a vacation, I used the relaxing time to contemplate things, and I made a few crucial business decisions / objectives that I immediately followed up. I’m 100% recharged because of it, and I believe my business will show positive results in the coming weeks.


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