How Do You Handle Change?

Entrepreneurs need to be constantly changing with business.  The ones that refuse to change will eventually find themselves on the wayside of a fast moving train wondering how to get back on it.  Whether it’s Amazon changing the rules to its own game, unemployment, or sluggish sales, we need to be our own change agents.


Adaptability, is one key way to stay moving forward in your business.  In a sudden instant, or over time things change in our businesses, and when they do we can say what the hell just happened, or we can continue moving forward with the next step, next plan, or next niche.  After Amazon started restricting more and more products a whole lot of panic started happening.  I did very little of that.  I’m still selling on Amazon, but I’m looking at new niches, and ways to increase my business, and my independence.  


Sudden loss of a job is one of the biggest impacts that can happen to anyone who isn’t prepared.  Even the most prepared person will feel the impact, just a matter of how much.  By networking, and staying up to date with the trends, we can lessen the length of our unemployment, and hopefully become employed again either by ourselves, or at a J.O.B.  I don’t mean job in a bad way, but to some of us the job is a burden when working a side business and trying to spend time with family.  When I suddenly lost my job in 2009, I was miserable, and pretty upset.  Within a week of being laid off I was gainfully employed full-time again and have been with that company ever since.  It was the networking of friends at my current job that allowed me to become full-time so quickly.  By adapting and networking we become our own change agent.


Sluggish sales, say what?  Seriously our businesses have the ups and downs of a rollercoaster.  Some of us will be able to weave and bend and some of us will end up puking our guts out in order to get over the queasiness.  Other marketplaces, and niches can help get us through these hills, bends, weaves, and stomach churning dips.  Some of these include Merch, Createspace, Mercari, ebay, Private Labeling, extension development, and blogger.  I personally am venturing into createspace with a children’s book.  I’m looking at a new side of business for me, and that’s partnering with charities, and organizations that need funding.  By doing this, I’m hoping to generate a new way for me to fund my dream of having a for profit business whose only stockholders are the charities it funds.  


In order to be change agents, we don’t need to go and come up with new concepts, we can build off of existing ones, tweak what we’re doing, or go  totally off the road and do something different that no one else is doing.  Being a change agent can be difficult for those that have a difficulty adapting.  A chameleon can change it’s color based on the environment it is in.  Be the chameleon, learn to adapt, and change.  The ebb and flow of business is constant.

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