I Just Made My Brother $1,500+ In Less Than 3 Days

I know that I have said it a ton of times, but you really need to freaking listen to me.

Amazon most likely owes your money.

Yes. I’m talking to you.

The person reading this blog right now.

I’m not kidding.

You have money that you didn’t even know about.

My brother, who has been selling on Amazon for a few years now, didn’t believe me.

So we made a deal:

Let me submit the cases and if I get you more than $1k back in reimbursements, you will owe me dinner and a case of beer.

It was a no brainer for him and a chance for me to prove him wrong.

So I used my favorite tool for reimbursements – Refund X-Ray

He gave me access of his account and I ran the 4 reports needed for the software:



Inventory Adjustments

Customer Returns

And then I let Refund X-Ray do the heavy lifting.

It provided me with 4 different sets of cases to file on Amazon Seller Central.

The instructions were laid out and super easy. I just had to copy and paste. My cat might have been able to do it (if he had thumbs).

The results:

I’ll let you see the results for yourself. If this doesn’t convince you to try Refund X-Ray, I’m not sure what will.




So what are you waiting for?

If you have been selling for more than a year, I promise it will be worth your time.

Try it today: Refund X-Ray



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