Leadership Reflection

Well I’m sitting here this evening and I want to do some deep reflecting on my lecture from my Leadership course today.

The major topic that was covered was the difference between a leader and a commander/manager. Being one of the leaders in this group, I have to really to consider the way I write and mentor fellow Amazon sellers.

I never want to be seen as a commander/manager. I don’t want to give you step by step instructions on how to buy an item and sell it for profit (although I hope I can show a few examples). I don’t want to be your boss.

I want to inspire you to do more with your life and your business. I want to lead by example and motivate you to think outside of the box.

Leadership isn’t about showing you the way to the goal, it’s about be the one in the front of the charge.

I hope from our blog posts and our Facebook groups, you feel as if we are enabling you to think outside of the box and see all of the opportunities in the marketplace.

What are your thoughts? I want to start a conversation and see what I can do to improve.


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