Leveling Up Your Business – Surpassing Mental Roadblocks

I bought lumber today.  First time ever.

Some mulch for the backyard playground.
Some mulch for the backyard playground.


Because we are building out some unused garden space in our backyard for our kids to play in.  We have this super huge little tykes playset we found a month ago on offer up, and if we expand the dirt patch with some 4x4x8 pieces of wood, we can fill it in with mulch and make it all playground pretty.

What’s the point?

Well, while we were at Menard’s shopping, we kept piling more crap super awesome back yard project stuff into our carts.

And I didn’t have to sit there and be like “WTF we are spending a small fortune on backyardigans” because I know, internally, I have raised my game.

I have leveled up, recently, and I know it.

And because of this, l know for 100% certain that I will just make a few extra dollars, to be safe, next week.


Flip that bird, over...and over....
Flip that bird, over…and over….

So what the F am I talking about?

It’s like a mental switch has been flipped, which is quite different than flipping a bird.

It is easy to say that after a few months of doing FBA initially, it was obvious that there were deals and money being left everywhere, and it became up to me to find them.  And find them I did, whether RA or OA or Facebook groups or general hustle.

So many times in group comments I see people say things like “I will not accept any ROI less than 500%” or some crazy number.  Or if it doesn’t profit $17 per unit and take 3 seconds to prep it, then it isn’t worth my time.  Rank must be under 6 in toys otherwise not worth my time.  (Check out Mike’s analysis of rank for a pretty solid gauge)

Honestly, that has never been me, or my model.  I am content with a $2-3 profit on an item that takes no more work than applying a sticker, assuming it sells within a month or two.  Not because I have lower standards, specifically, but because I am comfortable with my cash flow and know that I can buy 200 units (or a 2 month supply) of a replen, and know i’ll get 3 and 1/3 sales per day until they run out.  I’m good with little $400 bursts like that, when they only cost me 400-500 to get.  Especially because I have a bunch of them.

But…….not for everyone, and I get that.

So as I’ve progressed and been willing to listen and learn, I see more and more opportunities EVERYWHERE.

After a year of debating, I have tried a prep center.  I will tell you which one if you PM me, but for now I’m going to wait till I’ve done it a few months before I full on review it.  But suffice to say, it has been an amazing experience so far.

I source different.  My OA numbers have changed.  Now I want to make $10 per item profit, and…..


…………Those are the items I find.

It goes back to leveling up.

As I have progressed, it is not my standards that change, but my blinders get removed.

And as a result, I get the best of both worlds.

I have a powerful arsenal of replenishables that I would take with me anywhere, that I know for sure pay the bills.

Chris might hate them, but I love me some replen power.  

My replens have been built up to a point where I can play around.  I know for 100% sure I can walk into a Target, a Meijer, or a Walmart, and fill up a cart or two, and walk back out having paid the bills for a few days.  So if I hit up four stores in one day, my week bills are covered.  It took me some time to get to that point, but it is tScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.54.30 AMhe steadiness and tenacity of pursuing this boring and bland excellence that has allowed me to level up.  Your story might be different.  I see people like Dustin Davis who has jumped on the scene and immediately skipped my intro years.  It is awesome to see, and inspirational!

So on my end, now that I’ve built up the business to support my wife and two kids, I have played around more.  I have bought higher priced items, and taken more risk with dollars.

Before I was less focused on big sales numbers, and more focused on selling lots of items that made some money .  I sell hundreds of units of tea each month that make me 3 dollars each.  That is and always will be fantastic.

However, as the prep center use jumped in, my ASP has gone up.  I sent some stuff there, and as I sourced for myself I sent some to my house.  I have sold more items for over 100 dollars in the last month than the previous year (excluding December sales which change everything).

Game on.
Game on.

The switch has been flipped.

I have ordered 6 items from 5 places to package up my first bundle.  I haven’t ever bundled, and there is no reason for me not to have bundled.  I just didn’t.  Now I want to.

I have secured my first private label item, and it is in route to my house.

Then I secured a second, which should ship today.

This business has grown on me, and I am no longer wanting to pay my bills and then some.  I have two assistants now.

So whats is my point?

Who the Jeff knows.

I think it was something along the lines of leveling up.

I am not special, I am certainly not better at this business than anyone else.  I work hard though, and I am unafraid to take chances.  I ask questions, I read comments, and I take suggestions from everyone, whether they sell more or less than me.

I even notice the comments from people who annoy me, and I take information from them.  And I use that information to better myself.

There are some people that I consider straight up blowhards, who just talk.  They brag and gloat and just spew nonsense.

So I started watching them.  Following along.

Maybe they knew something I didn’t.

So I tried new things.  Raised prices.

Bought new items.

And I killed it in the last two months, and I am poised for a much bigger summer than ever before.


It is the most important thing you can do.  I live text/chat with people while I do RA.  Mike asked me for a rank the other day that didn’t come up on his phone.  I sent a few items over to someone I talked to sporadically, and we had a conversation that will forever change how I do things (here’s looking at you, Dave Matthews)

None of what I do is secret, or what anyone else does.  That is the beauty of this.


I worked 3 days last week, because my family did some fun stuff.  Who else gets to do that?  People who pay attention, and learn from others.  People who follow advice, and suggestions.

There are no affiliate links in this post, I am not referring any course or list or group or anything.


It is how I started, and most others.

Now I pay for lists and memberships and groups and whatever I can that will help me.  But I got to this point with hustle, grit, and determination.


What is preventing you from leveling up?

And just as important, what can we do to help?

One thought on “Leveling Up Your Business – Surpassing Mental Roadblocks

  • April 20, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    Great post. I can totally relate. I learned from you that I shouldn’t be embarrassed if I only make a couple of bucks an item for things that have negligible work and shipping cost. Those things are good because there’s so damn many of them. One year ago when I started I visited Dollar Trees 10-15x a week. Last time I bought there was probably July.

    I leveled up 3 times before I quit. You can kind of feel the point at which you know you are thinking about things on a grander scale. My plan was to get moved and then focus on new sourcing channels (like wholesale), create bundles, and to get serious about private label. PL was my initial goal when I started but I put that on hold since RA then OA was growing like crazy and managing overall profit and monthly cash flow was my top priority.

    Congratulations on your new level. It’s a shame there is no time warp button to bypass the time and hard work it takes to get there but we don’t live in a video game. As you said, tenacity and grit is all it takes.


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