Long Term Play – SagaCoin (SAGA)

Disclaimer: All of the opinions on this blog are my own (and if you ask my wife, some of my opinions are incorrect). I do not have the ability to predict the future and my suggestions or recommendations are in no means a guarantee. I have no control over the markets or the world and I am just sharing my views on the topic at hand. Please make sure to do your own research and make your own choices. If I help you make a bunch of money, I ask that you pay it forward to someone else (or send me a bottle of nice bourbon).

I’ve been talking about short term (1 week or less) trades for the last few days, so it’s time to look a few long term plays that might be big down the road.

One to look at would be SagaCoin.

The price is on a downward trend right now, but from my initial research, I’m not sure it’s where it will be long term.


First off, the block time is pretty fast (2 minutes to be exact). My play right now is on quick transactions coins or tokens, so this is one that might have merit.

Second, it hasn’t been on the market for long. It was just listed on my favorite exchange a few days back and has a nice timeline that could result in 1-2 years of holding (see below).

Third, I like the selloff that is happening right now. People invest in coins to get a profit (it’s in their own self interest). I would be extremely concerned with a coin or token that doesn’t have a steep sell off when it is pushed to a major marketplace.

My play is pretty simple:

Buy: SAGA at a price point below .00050

Hold for 6 months to 1 year. 

At this point, we can get a good idea of where this coin is going to go. I think this is a very risky play, but I would use some profit from other plays to take the gamble and see what happens.

The upside is big and the downside is minimal. I wouldn’t invest actual principle, but a long shot play from some earnings can reap big rewards with a little patience.

Please do your own research and invest per your own strategy.

CW (Chris Wilkey)

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