Merch Dojo – Biggest Bonus On The Market

If you have checked your email or checked Facebook, you would have seen an ad or a post about Chris Green’s new training program.


It’s called Merch Dojo and you can find it here.


I have watched a few of the videos and I have gotten a few great ideas, but I also think it’s a really hyped up marketing strategy.


Let’s face it. You aren’t going to make $40,000 a month right off the bat. You aren’t going to make $1,000 in a day when you start.


And it takes a bunch of freaking work.


Now let’s be very clear.




I have built a few different Merch by Amazon accounts and I know that it takes around a year to get the designs live and start seeing consistent sales.


Now here’s the deal. Each of these accounts I built from the ground up with no training. I would simply pick random designs I liked and create them. I was throwing mud against the wall and was just hoping something stuck.


I was lucky. Somethings did stick and I was able to pull in some great money. Here were my results.



I was then able to take this account and sell it on Empire Flippers last summer. This was the listing. It sold in 24 hours for $66,414.


The key point is that it took time to build the account. If I could have scaled faster, I could have made more money the entire time.


So back to Merch Dojo.


Do I think it can help?


I do.  I honestly do.


If you can shave off 6 months of a learning curve, I would pay an arm and leg to do it. Knowledge is power and money when it comes to the world of e-commerce.


Do I think if you are looking to pay for a course and then start making 5 figures a month this course is for you?




I think if that is what you are looking for, you are likely a misguided miscreant, and I wish you well.  But if you do happen to stumble on the path to fast riches, please send me your affiliate link because I’d like in.


Check out the FREE webinar today, learn a few things about Merch. If you like and are going to buy the course, John and I put together this amazing bonus pack that can help beat the learning curve and get off to a great start!


These bonuses are only good for those who go through our link and send us an email at [email protected] and [email protected] This will be the biggest bonus pack offered by any affiliate, so I know it is worth your while.


These bonuses include:


10 custom designs (a $200 value)
A copy of Merch Master (a $35.99 value)
A lifetime subscription to Merch Lister Pro ($100 per year)
15% off all future designs from T-Shirt Professional ($100+ value)
2 speciality vector design packs (a $75 value)
4 additional live training courses from John and Chris ($600 value)


This is a $1,100 value if you buy the Merch Dojo course.


If this doesn’t make you interested, then no worries, but it’s a freaking amazing deal.


And I have heard from a high level Merch seller who has recorded a bit of content for the course, so I know there are some valuable gems for advanced sellers as well.


Anyway, check it all out.




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