My Merch by Amazon Story

Check out the FREE webinar today, learn a few things about Merch. If you like and are going to buy the course, John and I put together this amazing bonus pack that can help beat the learning curve and get off to a great start!

These bonuses are only good for those who go through our link and send us an email at [email protected] and [email protected] This will be the biggest bonus pack offered by any affiliate, so I know it is worth your while.

These bonuses include:

10 custom designs (a $200 value)
A copy of Merch Master (a $35.99 value)
A lifetime subscription to Merch Lister Pro ($100 per year)
15% off all future designs from T-Shirt Professional (? value)
2 speciality vector design packs (a $75 value)

This is a $410+ value if you buy the Merch Dojo course.

If this doesn’t make you interested, then no worries, but it’s a freaking amazing deal.

And I have heard from a high level Merch seller who has recorded a bit of content for the course, so I know there are some valuable gems for advanced sellers as well.

Anyway, check it all out.


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