Online Sourcing with OAXRay – Week 1 and Week 2

I’m not sure I have ever had this much fun teaching a course!

We have been diving into OAXRay and having a blast doing it. Instead of keeping all of this FREE fun to ourselves, we decided to make sure to share it with everyone!

Even better – OAXRay is now offering a FREE 10 day trial! Now is the perfect time to use it and follow along with the course!

Register for the course here:

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10 Day Free Trial!

Week 1 – Understanding the basics of OAXRay with Chris Wilkey

Week 2 – Setting Up Your Online Sourcing Process with OAXRay

And here is what we have left on the schedule:

May 17 – Outside the Box Sourcing with Chris Wilkey and Tyler Nelson

Goal of the class: Learn outside of the box sourcing techniques and understand the process of testing out new ideas and leveraging the power of OAXRay.

May 24 – Looking to the Future with OAXRay with Chris Wilkey and Todd Noren-Hentz (co-owner of OAXRay)

Goal of the class: Introduce the class with one of the owners and main contact for support for OAXRay and see what the future holds for OAXRay.

Can’t wait to see you in class!


2 thoughts on “Online Sourcing with OAXRay – Week 1 and Week 2

  • May 13, 2016 at 7:15 am

    I always stumble with the same incorrect discount counting.

    In your video for Kohl’s you have:
    15% – Ebates cach back
    10% – coupon
    9% – discounted gift card
    20% – bonus for future

    You count this way:
    15%+10%+9%+20% = 54%

    While actually is this way.

    Your cart is full of items totaling $100.
    Apply coupon code for %10 – $90 left.
    You use discounted gift card to pay, so your COGS go down to – $90*(1-0.09) = $81.9
    Ebates will credit you 15% from cart price = $90 * 15% = $13.5, so your COGS is $81.9 – $13.5 = $68.4
    Plus, Kohl’s will give you 20% rewards – $90 * 0.2 = $18

    So your final COGS is $68.4 – $18 = 50.4

    So in total you would receive 49.6% discount rather than 54% (if you sum all the accounts).

    So would you buy an item if at first it would show for you 40% ROI, while actually it is 36% ?

    • May 13, 2016 at 7:55 pm

      A lot of people make this mistake! Good catch. Usually the difference isn’t substantial BUT there are times where it could serve as the difference between being a marginal buy versus a marginal pass. In this example, it would still be a buy for me.


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