Online Sourcing with OAXRay – Week 1 and Week 2

I’m not sure I have ever had this much fun teaching a course!

We have been diving into OAXRay and having a blast doing it. Instead of keeping all of this FREE fun to ourselves, we decided to make sure to share it with everyone!

Even better – OAXRay is now offering a FREE 10 day trial! Now is the perfect time to use it and follow along with the course!

Register for the course here:

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10 Day Free Trial!

Week 1 – Understanding the basics of OAXRay with Chris Wilkey

Week 2 – Setting Up Your Online Sourcing Process with OAXRay

And here is what we have left on the schedule:

May 17 – Outside the Box Sourcing with Chris Wilkey and Tyler Nelson

Goal of the class: Learn outside of the box sourcing techniques and understand the process of testing out new ideas and leveraging the power of OAXRay.

May 24 РLooking to the Future with OAXRay with Chris Wilkey and Todd Noren-Hentz (co-owner of OAXRay)

Goal of the class: Introduce the class with one of the owners and main contact for support for OAXRay and see what the future holds for OAXRay.

Can’t wait to see you in class!


2 thoughts on “Online Sourcing with OAXRay – Week 1 and Week 2

  • May 13, 2016 at 7:15 am

    I always stumble with the same incorrect discount counting.

    In your video for Kohl’s you have:
    15% – Ebates cach back
    10% – coupon
    9% – discounted gift card
    20% – bonus for future

    You count this way:
    15%+10%+9%+20% = 54%

    While actually is this way.

    Your cart is full of items totaling $100.
    Apply coupon code for %10 – $90 left.
    You use discounted gift card to pay, so your COGS go down to – $90*(1-0.09) = $81.9
    Ebates will credit you 15% from cart price = $90 * 15% = $13.5, so your COGS is $81.9 – $13.5 = $68.4
    Plus, Kohl’s will give you 20% rewards – $90 * 0.2 = $18

    So your final COGS is $68.4 – $18 = 50.4

    So in total you would receive 49.6% discount rather than 54% (if you sum all the accounts).

    So would you buy an item if at first it would show for you 40% ROI, while actually it is 36% ?

    • May 13, 2016 at 7:55 pm

      A lot of people make this mistake! Good catch. Usually the difference isn’t substantial BUT there are times where it could serve as the difference between being a marginal buy versus a marginal pass. In this example, it would still be a buy for me.


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