Procrastination Equals Failure

Editor’s Note: Brian is back after a brief hiatus with some words of wisdom. 


BrianBlogIf I had a dollar for every time I used to say this can wait until tomorrow, I wouldn’t need FBA.  I used to procrastinate more than most people.  It is the biggest reason it took me so long to get into FBA, and to move up at my current job.  

Procrastination can come in many forms.  

  1. I only have 15 minutes to start peeling labels it’s not enough time.
  2. Work sucked today I really just need to go home and relax.
  3. It’s my first day off  this week and Walking Dead is on.
  4. Now would be a good time to try that new video game.
  5. I really don’t want to source, do my shipment, reconcile shipments I just don’t want to.


I’ve used those excuses, and probably fifty more.  The biggest thing I’ve learned from all of that is the work will pile up, and I’m not making money having stuff sit around the house.


Recently my work schedule took a drastic change.  I was working four days on, and then four days off.  Perfect time for family, fun, and FBA.  My current schedule gives me two days off split throughout the week.  These are ten hour days with a total commute of one hour.  I whined in the group about this a couple of times.  Funny thing is the thing that kept coming back to me is Jason, and Chris saying ship that Shit.  I have previously written a post about motivation.  My motivations haven’t changed, my time for FBA has.  I will not fail.  


This title could have also been time management will allow you to succeed.  In my commute to work I listen to podcasts, youtube videos (I listen not watch), and go through Udemy courses.  That’s an added hour of learning 5 days a week I’ve added into my schedule.  I get home and spend until 9 pm with my wife and daughter.  At that time both of them go to bed.  My late nights home from work I go out sourcing at any 24 hours store available.  From 9 pm until bedtime ranging from 11 pm to 1 am, I manage my business.  Any downtime such as my daughter napping, or out at Grandma & Grandpa’s I do FBA.  I’ve cut back on tv time I usually just watch it when using oaxray.  My days off I will take my daughter sourcing with me so we still can spend time together.  If my wife is home we stay home and spend time together taking our daughter to museums, parks, and just out in general


Time is what we make of it.  If we decide that we don’t have time to do something we will not do it.  This is a constant vicious cycle that will kill our business, our motivation, and our financial futures.  If you have an hour lunch at work what are you doing with it?  Chris makes videos, sources, and writes blog posts.  I use that time to catch up on a few bolo lists I have, answer facebook posts, and pay bills.  I could easily say I don’t want to do this.  I have in the past, and it has lead to arguments with my wife, co-workers, and just made me feel like crap when I eventually had to make time to do it.  


Not everyone’s situation is going to be the same I understand that.  If you are going to make an excuse that allows you to procrastinate, think about this first.  Is this something I should hold off on?  How fast can I get this done properly if I put my mind to it?  Will this hinder my business, my health, or my family by holding it off?  


Procrastination is just a way to waste time so we have to hustle later to get it done.  Don’t procrastinate it will eventually lead to failure.

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