Rabbit Trail From Twitter Alert



twitter bolo


This showed up on the Keep_Notifier Twitter feed due to the fact that the person the set up the alert put a  “@” in front of their Twitter name ( notice the @@ ) This cancels the private tweet and it shows up to the public.


I then followed the link to the Amazon page and it was already sold out at that price.

The Invisible Hand extension isn’t showing a price that will make me a profit.




Notice that I highlighted the product name and did a contextual search.


I saw something from Walmart that looked like I should explore.




Not the same product, but notice that it is selling for $32.99 on Amazon.




So then I clicked on the the Amazon extension link .




Here is a potential product to resell.  It is 57k sales rank in Grocery and you would still need to run the numbers. You need to purchase 3  at $5.98 and make into the multipack  I personally would want to purchase locally at WalMart so that I could see the expiration dates ( and to only send in a small quantity to test )

If you had copied  and put it into Google search, you would have gotten the same results.  Also note that the Google search pulled up a different product, so even if you go with this product, you should have a price alert for the other product.


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