What To Do With Returns — Guest Post

Editor’s Note: Joey ‘Frankenstein’ Bonacia had a post about Returns on the Facebook page that a lot of people liked and so we wanted to make sure that it didn’t just fade into obscurity.  So, if you missed it the first time or just want to refresh your memory, here you go!


Let’s talk about returns. Hey, hey, hey, watch what you say about my mother…calm down for a second sheeesh! Nobody likes returns. It’s gonna happen, though. I have read numerous posts about folks who are upset and just don’t know what to do with these items that can returns as “defective” or “customer damaged”. Here’s a couple things you can do.

First, please note that Amazon will often reimburse you for unsellable (that is a made up word) customer damaged items. But you need to follow up on this. On your Seller Central page go to Reports and then Fulfillment and check your Returns. This way you can keep track of what’s coming back, what was damaged etc. Sometimes Amazon forgets.

If the item is past the 45 day return mark, Amazon may decide to refund the customer anyway and they want you to eat it. When this happens contact Seller Support and you will often be reimbursed. It is Amazon TOS to do this at their discretion so don’t have a hissy fit if this doesn’t work.

broken-fragile-parcelIf a valuable item comes back customer damaged/defective have it shipped back to you. They charge .50 for a removal order. If it looks like the Hulk slammed it around like he slammed around Loki in Avengers take a picture of the mess in the Amazon box and write to SS. You might be pleasantly surprised. Just recently I had a $250 faucet returned. It was mangled. Got fully reimbursed.

You would be shocked how often you will have the item shipped back when it was marked defective and it arrives back in 100% unopened, perfect condition. Many buyers will just click defective so they don’t have to pay return shipping costs those buggers. You may be able to send these back to Amazon. Be VERY CAREFUL if you choose to do this. Make sure the item is new, unopened, unused, untouched, an angel didn’t breath on it. If there is any doubt at all DO NOT NOT NOT send it in.

Know when to say whoa. Meaning if it’s an item you paid $1 for it might be in your best interest just to have it disposed of for .15 rather then go through the ordeal of getting your dollar back. Penny wise dollar foolish and what not.

juggleorangesOk so you’ve contacted SS, taken pictures, stood on your head while juggling oranges with your feet and they simply will not reimburse you. Nothing you can do now, right? Oh ye of little faith. This one might not appeal to everyone but I have an Ebay account. I have been selling on Ebay since 2005. Sometimes an item will come back and the box has been opened or damaged or it has some minor flaw which will prevent you from selling it on Amazon but you can still blow it out on Ebay and make a smaller profit or worst case you get your money back. Obviously some folks simply will not do Ebay, I understand this. And obviously you can sell on other platforms Craigs List, FB, your Aunt Edna’s tag sale.

I’ll touch on one last thing briefly. I have read some folks will try and return the item to the store where it was purchased if it’s within their time frame for a return. While you can do this if you shop that store often you really don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself or make it a habit of returning items. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law but tread cautiously, grasshopper.

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