The Weekly 5 – June 27, 2016

In case you forgot about the format….

  1. I will provide you with a list of blogs, books, articles, videos, etc that can help you improve your knowledge as an Amazon seller.
  2. You will try your best to take some time to actually sit back and learn.
  3. Then we will repeat each week

Sound easy doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I hope this to be!


Item #1 – What It’s Like To Quit Your Full Time Job

I came across this article and I thought it was an interesting read (especially the rest of the site about the tiny house). Cory, the lady writing this blog, talks about the side of things most people overlook when they say they want to leave the 9-5 grind. This isn’t meant to deter you from your dreams, but you need to know both sides before you make the jump.

You can read the article here:


Item #2 – The Basics of Selling Shoes

I waited almost two years to get into selling shoes and I am so mad at myself for not doing it sooner! This article by Brianna Moller Greene walks through the basics of selling shoes and is a great primer for anyone that has never sold a pair of shoes on Amazon.


The Basics of Selling Shoes by Brianna Moller Greene


Item #3 – Overcoming Your Fears Of High Ranked Items

I know that I love high ranked items, but a lot of you are scared to death of higher ranks. Stephen Smotherson does a great job breaking this topic down and explaining that there is a lot of potential in those items that you typically pass on in the store.


Overcoming Your Fear of Buying High Ranked Items


Item #4 – Mind Your Money and Get Some Money Back From Amazon

If you don’t mind your own money, no one will. If you haven’t reconciled your lost, damaged, or missing inventory with Amazon, do yourself a favor and do it right now! It might take you an hour or so, but you can find $100-$400 in money that you are owed from Amazon.



Item #5 – Inventory Turnover

This is something that I think everyone needs to understand and I think this is a great visual on the impact of inventory turnover. If you don’t understand the economics and the numbers behind your sales, you will never be able to fully utilize your money to make even more money.


Until next week,


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