Using Twitter to Find Online Arbitrage Opportunities

On way of using Twitter to find online arbitrage opportunities can be to follow @Keepa_notifier.

People set up alerts to tell them when a price drops below a certain price and if Keepa picks it up in time, they notify you via Twitter if you have it set up right.

The catch is that some people don’t set it up right. They put an ” @” in front of their Twitter name and this messes it up and it basically becomes public. You will see that there are 2 “@@”on these.

These alerts could have been set up by other resellers or consumers, either way,you can jump on a good deal from Amazon yourself.

twitter online arbitrage

You will find that there is a lot of alerts from other countries and a lot in Chinese or Japanese, so not all will end up being something you buy, but it is just another trick to add to your bag.


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