Verge (XVG) Is On The Verge Of A Breakout

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The volume is high and a level of support has been set.

The play:

Buy: XVG at 0.00001000

Sell: Half your shares at 0.00002000 and hold the other half until it breaks the up past the 0.00002500 mark (your call on when to sell past that).



I’m looking at two distinct markers in this chart: 12/24 and 1/1. That big spike in volume and price on 12/24 is a great sign of upward momentum. We don’t see the price get below the point on 12/24 again, so this is my price to buy near. As of 1/1 (today), XVG is trading 20% below the price yesterday. It’s a great point to buy and hold for the upward trend that is about to happen .

Added play:

If you have started to notice a trend, a lot of cryptocurrencies are starting to have these huge spikes in price. One thing in common with a few of the altcoins that have gotten major support is the speed of which the transactions complete. One of the biggest complaints with Bitcoin is the time it takes to confirm the transaction. The altcoins that have started the upward trends are the ones that have quick and secure transaction confirmations.

The bonus play is to look for high volume coins (or tokens) that specialize in user friendly usage and quick transaction confirmations. These might be ripe for the taking.

Chris Wilkey (CW)

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