We Were All Robbed This Week

This past Sunday we got robbed.

Not a little robbery, mind you, but a rather large, all out assault, collectively against all of our schedules.


I am not certain how it is supposed to work, how my 9 month old and 2 year old sons are supposed to behave, when they should arise. What I do know, however, is that they both were up at 5:30 A.M., which is roughly hours before normal.

So for me, Daylight Savings sucks CAPITAL.

What can we do? How can we sneak past Mother Nature or Father Time or Woodrow Wilson or those Canucks who started this madness?

Here are four quick ways to steal back your time.

1. Outsource

This is spoken of so often its almost funny to even mention it again. There are benefits of outsourcing that far exceed the pains of setting up a system, or teaching others how to work with you.

Besides the “physical” part of this job that you can pay others to do, there are several internal tasks that can be automated, for a fee obviously, but that can quickly and easily save you time.

i.  Accounting

For this there are several options, obviously using Inventory Lab  is one of the most common, and for good reason. It’s awesome, and makes tax time much easier, saving you time both during shipping by tracking all inventory and expenses all along, instead of digging around later for it.

There are also Taxjar and Windward Tax  which both provide services to help alleviate the time, energy, and stress involved in state taxes.

ii.  Pricing

As a group, our favorite is bqool of course, and the time it saves keeping track of your pricing quickly becomes invaluable.

iii.  Reimbursements

This is a new one to burst on the scenes, and it is very possible to teach yourself what to do, and when to do it, then go and actually do it.

Or……you can read these three blogs :

Get Your Billions Back Amazon Sellers

Sometimes Amazon Gives You a Gift

Guide to FBA Reimbursements Review – Three thumbs up

I’m pretty sure you can read these, follow tips, and get back some of your money that Amazon is inadvertently holding onto.

iv.  Pack and Prep

By far the hardest one for me to get through, but I am now about to start. I can no longer keep up with the task if I wish to grow my business, and I do. Here is a podcast Chris did with Dustin from Simple Price Prep.

2. Ship what you purchase

This is a hard concept to grasp for people, and it confuses me as to why. Other than sheer laziness, which was my original obstacle for myself.

But now, if I go shopping and come home with a couple hundred items, I create shipments. Nearly every day I have OA boxes coming to my house anyway, so it is easy enough to add up to more than enough to ship out.

If my wife comes home and see’s all this stuff waiting to be shipped, she is going to kill me.

Shipping daily, or at worst 4 days a week, has improved both my sales as well as my cash flow.

And I do not create monster 500 item shipments each day (occasionally, yes, but not always). I simply ship what I have. If its pushing 100 items its generally enough to get out, and by not letting inventory build up it seems to also take less time to ship.

It does help that UPS comes over with the smart pick for daily pick ups at my front door. Which…..you know……saves more time than manually loading the car with boxes, driving to UPS store, and doing that several times a day.

3. Get off of facebook


This has to be said.

Because we are all online workers now, internet browsing must have its place. When working in a cubicle for someone else, then playing on the internet is cute and funny and almost expected.

If, however, you work online, then internet browsing is no longer just a quick distraction from your “job.”

Now, it is destructive, and is less of a distraction and more of an excuse to not work.

So get off of facebook. Or myspace. Or whatever.

Stop wasting time, so that you can get some back. Circular statement? Yes. Still true though.

4. Go be with your loved ones

This is weird, and I’ve gone back and forth on adding it.

However, if you are not spending time with the people you love, then what the hell is the point of getting any time back anyway?

This can mean anything.

Today we cooked and ate breakfast and dinner together, and also went to the park.

It is the reason I rush so much when I am packing, or why I blog/make lists/email in the middle of the night.

Because I want to spend my waking hours with the people I love.

Because while I may not make extra time from doing it, I am well aware that it is about the only time I do not regret in some fashion, and the only time that I am always happy to have give up.

holding-hands-858005_1920So now what?

Now we have some extra time on our hands. Now we are at one with daylight savings.

Now we can continue the drive to be the best. To grow beyond expectations.

To simply live. And enjoy a few minutes.


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