Remember that contest last week? HERE IS THE PRIZE!

So last week, I teased you with a few lines about a contest.  survey

Then Saturday I emailed a survey about this “contest,” and used some clickbait to get people to open, advertising a prize of over $500.

Did it work?

Did you fill out the survey?

It makes me happy to say that 425 people responded.  That is awesome, because it was a legit contest with a pretty solid reward.

Of the 425, I was able to weed it almost immediately to approximately 16 that had the specs needed to make this a successful giveaway, and then from those 16 five were selected.

All five winners have been notified as of yesterday.

Oh, wait, check this site out real quick (more clickbait, but now you are stuck because you NEED to know what it is):



Now that you’ve checked out the site, listen to what this guy has to say:

So here’s the plan.

The FBA Master group that you have grown to love and support has joined forces with Andy Slamans in a special promo event, taking 6 to 8 months duration!

We are sponsoring 5 readers to take his Private Label course, From Alibaba to Amazon!!!


Guess you should have answered the survey    wink


So here is how it will go down.

The five chosen people will be placed into a private facebook group, and have access to Andy Slamans directly, along with us.

We are going to learn the process of PL and report back.  There will be a bi-weekly review posted, so you can track our progress as readers who are interested in the private label model.  And at the end, a very detailed review.

Its a pretty solid match, and we are extremely excited to be able to pull this off.  Andy has been a part of our community since the beginning, and as his success has grown over the last year, it is impossible to not notice the things he does and teaches.  So, we had to check for ourselves!

His course opens up January 1st, which is the one we will be participating in.  The next session will be in May, at which point we will have some solid info to report back here with.


This is exciting, yes?

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