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Course Introduction

I like to start by welcoming you to the Master of Online Arbitrage course! You have taken the first step becoming a master of online arbitrage and I can’t wait to teach you as much as possible throughout this course.

The course is broken down into different modules that will focus on specific aspects of online arbitrage. Instead of just showing some basic techniques, we will also explore the theory behind why online arbitrage works. This provides you with the knowledge that can be applied to other arbitrage situations when they arise in the future.

A little more about your instructor:

Chris Wilkey has been in the world of e-commerce since 2014 and has been training others since early 2015. In addition to his years of experience with online selling and digital tools, Chris has also received bachelors degrees in sales and economics, his MBA, and a masters degree in adult education. This course is built with a pedagogical approach that focuses on understanding the principles and applying them to real-world situations.

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Spencer Haws

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