A Few Observations about Q4


Q4 is here.

Is it what you expected?  What you hoped for?  Were you prepared?

Are you prepared now?

Throughout the year, so many times people say “oh, don’t worry, it will sell in q4.”  Hell, I’ve said it so many times I hardly believe it myself after a while.

But, I still keep buying.

I do not buy to hold product for December sales.  I buy product to sell, but having been through this before I allow myself a little more leeway in my decision making, capital depending of course.

Here are some observations, in no particular order:

1. Everything sells!


During the year, some of the items I buy do not sell as fast as anticipated.  Or I buy too many, and I wonder when they will sell.

Standard answer is always in Q4.

Yet I am still surprised, every single time.  Black Friday begins a correction process for me, erasing many of the minor mistake-buys I make during the year.

2.  Pricing Matters

Pricing changes fast.  There are items I had get received just an hour ago that sold out instantly, and when I checked the next FBA sellers were over $10 higher.

So don’t be afraid to price high, and just look at it once it arrives.  I have 3500 items in active inventory (i think around 900 MSKU’s), and I do not use an autopricer yet.  It is on my list for 2016, but as it is now, I actually enjoy going through my prices.

3.  Q4 is a lot of WORK

q4 work

Nothing comes easy, and while I do think that AZ selling in general is a fairly simple and straightforward business model, it takes work.  I have shipped out over 50 boxes in the last 4 days.  And I am not close to finished.

All hands on deck.

4.  The Sky is the Limit


If you work hard, pay attention, and do things right, there is no stopping the amazing trajectory this business potentially has.

It does not rely on Q4 for the only results or success, however, don’t be confused.  But days like Dustin’s are the culmination of progressively learning and taking action, and working hard on this all year, not just in November and December.


Most importantly, HAVE FUN AND GET SOME REST.


Because, after all is said and done, it is time to start sourcing for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a little video to help you figure out what to do next 🙂


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  • December 7, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Resellers guide link seems to go to a Reddit post can you please provide a link!


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