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The Easiest Way to See What Amazon Products Are Selling for a Higher Price on eBay


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“If you are interested in comparing prices between Amazon and eBay and seeing the potential profit, I can’t think of a faster way to do it”

Spencer Haws

Quickly Find Online Arbitrage Opportunities from Amazon to eBay Using Source Master


Start Your Search on AMAZON

Go to any Amazon results page and then start the process by clicking the “Source Master” icon. 

The tool will automatically pull in the Amazon Price, eBay Price, potential profit, number of eBay listings, and more.

Profit Calculator

See Potential Profit

Sure, Source Master quickly shows you the Amazon Price and the eBay price, but it also calculates profit after taking into account eBay and PayPal fees. Or Amazon fees if you buy on eBay and sell on Amazon.

In other words: actual profit after fees.

Export Data

Quickly Export ASINs

If you want to export the Amazon Standard Identification Number, we make that quick and easy to do!  This can be used in other research tools or for your own reference to go buy the product on Amazon later.

Just click the “copy” icon at the top of the ASIN row and the entire list will be copied to your clipboard.  Just “paste” this list where you want.

Find Deals for Later

Save Favorites

Once you’ve found potential products that meet your criteria, you can easily save these as “favorites” that you can pull up later.

No need to stop your workflow to manually copy and paste listings, simply click the save icon and all the data will be there the next time you open the app!

“The opportunity for Online Arbitrage is everwhere, and Amazon and eBay are 2 of the largest online marketplaces there are. Source Master makes it easy to quickly compare prices on both.”

Randy Dirks


Per Year

  • Quickly find profitable textbooks to buy & sell on Amazon
  • Sort results to see the biggest profit first
  • Save hours over searching Amazon manually
  • Potential Profit Automatically Calculated
  • Save Favorites
  • Official Google Chrome Extension

Get Started Today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need in order to use Source Master?

All you need is Google Chrome and an internet connection. Once the Chrome extension is installed, you will just click the icon when you want to start a search on Amazon.com.

Not hard. Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a download link and a license key. Installation is as easy as clicking the link and then pasting in your license key to activate.

Proceed at your own risk here. Yes, you can technically do that. However, eBay does not like that and they could close your listing or your account if they catch you doing this.

If you want to stay in 100% compliance, don’t do this. Having said that, MANY eBay sellers are still dropshipping directly from Amazon to this day. You are advised to make your own decisions. Source Master is simply a tool to use, not a specific method for buying and selling.

Once you find a winning opportunity using Source Master, you can simply buy the item and ship it to yourself. Then list the item on eBay and ship to the winning bidder on eBay. This is the most compliant way to buy and sell on Amazon and eBay.

Yes, you have 30 days to request a refund, no questions asked. Give it a shot and see what arbitrage opportunities you find!




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