Stop Saying You Are Worthless

In the past 24 hours, I have had at least 5 people tell me that they aren’t doing enough and that they are worthless.

It’s actually a little ridiculous.

This is where I am going going to get up on my soap box and tell you how I really feel.


If I hear one more person say that they are worthless, I am going to punch a cute little squirrel.


And if you want to hurt something that cute, you have some problems. Just saying. You sick and twisted human.

The reason I am tired of hearing that a person is worthless is simple:

You are the one who measures your worth. 

You shouldn’t care if I sell 1 million dollars worth of product or 2 dollars worth. You should never compare yourself to someone else.

It’s basically comparing apples to oranges to a bottle of beer (I bet you can guess which one I am).


It is human nature to compare ourselves with those around us. I mean look back to elementary school. Those who made honor roll (like myself) were rewarded. Those who didn’t, had to watch as the others were rewarded.

Do I think those who excel shouldn’t be able to celebrate? Hell no.


You should measure your success based upon your own personal goals. That’s it.

For instance, I know that I am not a full time seller like Mike or John. I can’t even come close to the numbers they will produce this year and I am perfectly ok with it. As much as I hope they succeed, I don’t give a shit what they sell in a year.

It makes absolutely no difference to me.

I have my goals in place and I am working to meet them. It’s that simple. I have built my own measuring stick and I will only measure my success against it.


This brings me to a topic I’m going to be covering in more detail over the coming months.

Lifestyle Design

This is way more than a discussion that is based around how you can pay your bills and travel the world. It’s a conversation about finding happiness and aligning your actions to bring you that happiness.

Shit is going to get deep.


I’m not doing this because I want to change the world, but it’s a something that I believe is constantly overlooked. I want to dive into this and I hope you will join me.

Who is in?


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