Sellics Review: Is This All-in-One Amazon Tool Worth It?




As sellers, we know that setting up an Amazon business is relatively easy. The challenge lies in growing the business and sustaining the growth for many years to come.

These days, if you want to rise above the competition, you need tools that will help you make business decisions that will translate into profit.

Sellics is one of the most popular tools that Amazon sellers recommend. According to its website, it’s “The leading all-in-one software dedicated to helping you succeed on Amazon.” But how well does it actually work? Read on to find out!

What is Sellics?

Unlike AMZ tools that only provide data or manage reviews, Sellics claims to be the be-all and end-all of Amazon tools. It’s a suite that pretty much contains all the tools you’ll need to run a successful Amazon business.

Whether you want to keep track of your competitors or optimize your listing rankings, Sellics is the one-stop-shop that will help you conquer the Amazon marketplace.

Sellics started out as a commercial analytics company in Germany in 2014 (sellics erfahrung and sellics erfahrungen). Back then, Sellics was only a simple keyword ranking tracker. Over the years, however, it added several features to turn it into the AMZ software solution it is today.

In fact, big names like L’Oreal, Bosch, Chal-Tec, and KW-Commerce use Sellics to manage their presence on Amazon.

One thing that sets Sellics apart is that it offers different software platforms.

Because Sellics wants to accommodate businesses of all sizes, they’ve created different versions of their software which you can access depending on your business volume. This way, you only pay for features that you actually need.

The different editions of Sellics

Let’s go through the different versions and their respective features so you can choose the right one for your Amazon business.

Seller edition

sellics seller edition

The Seller Edition is the integrated software that lets sellers manage their Amazon store better.After the Sellics login page (and Sellics UK login) you’ll have access to…

  • Profit Dashboard – Automates your profit calculations so you can track your REAL profit in real-time.
  • PPC Manager – Maximizes PPC spend by automating your campaigns and setting it up for maximum profitability.
  • Amazon Ranking Optimizer – Gives you all the keyword data and tools you need to get your listings to rank higher.
  • Competitor Monitoring – Lets you know your competitors better by tracking their keyword rankings and sales volume so you can outsmart them.
  • Product Research – Shows you the top 10,000 products that are currently selling on Amazon, kind of like ASINspector or JungleScout. This helps you quickly determine the most profitable niche.
  • Review Management – Notifies you instantly when your listings get a review, giving you the chance to respond appropriately.
  • Inventory Management – Keeps track of your stock so you’re always on top of your inventory.

Vendor edition

sellics vendor edition

The vendor edition is for brands that need specific tools to take their Amazon business to the next level.

  • Customer Feedback – Monitors positive and negative customer feedback so you can respond immediately.
  • Content & SEO – Increases your visibility on Amazon search pages, leading to a bump in organic sales.
  • Amazon Marketing Services – Optimizes your keyword strategy and automates the bidding process for AMS campaigns so you can just set it up and leave it.
  • Buy Box Monitoring – Monitors the 3rd party sellers that are also carrying your products to maximize your buy box share.
  • Retail Analytics – Gives you a better understanding and appreciation of your vendor sales performance.

Agency edition

sellics agency edition

The Agency edition is designed for agencies that need a simpler way to manage seller and vendor accounts.

  • Amazon SEO – Optimizes listings and monitors content for better rankings on Amazon.
  • Amazon Advertising – Automates the bidding process and creates comprehensive reports so that you can maximize your clients’ ad spend.
  • Granular access controls – Secures sensitive client data with tiered user access.
  • Client management – Makes managing multiple clients much easier, whether you’re handing seller or vendor accounts, or both.
  • Aggregated data – Keeps all relevant data in one place including customer reviews, Buy Box share, and monitored 3P sellers.
  • Customer support – Keeps you in touch with industry experts who work with both 1P vendors and 3P sellers when you need it the most.
  • Agency Directory – Put your brand in front of clients looking for agencies to help them manage their Amazon business.

How to use Sellics to grow your Amazon business

With its impressive lineup of features, I’m sure you’d want to get started right away. Here’s how you can use Sellics to streamline your Amazon operations.

Keyword research

Clicking on the rankings tab will pull up data that will help you do keyword research. It will show you keywords you can use to optimize your listings, the search volume for those keywords, and the ranks on the search pages. If any of your listings hit top rank, it will also show on this page.

sellics keyowrd research

If you want to go in-depth, click on the details and it will give you the performance metrics that show how well your keywords are converting. Aside from the numbers, you’ll see a graph that shows the keywords rankings. Just hover over the keyword and it will highlight its recent performance on the graph. The only thing that’s lacking is the historical data. It doesn’t show you how your tracked keywords performed in the past 7, 15, or 30 days.

Product research

For product research (i.e. figuring out how well your competitors are selling the same products), you can click on the spy tab. Just type in the ASIN or product name in the monitored products field and you’ll get a quick overview of how well a specific product is selling. You’ll see how much product inventory is still available, how much revenue the product has earned so far, and the number of units sold on average daily.

sellics product research

One of the limitations of this tab is that it doesn’t show products that have more than a thousand units, which may seem pretty useless at times. So, one way that you can make this tab useful is to add your own products and keywords and see how it’s performing against your toughest competition.

Amazon reviews management

To check reviews, simply click the review tab in the toolbar. You’ll see all the reviews that customers leave for the products in your catalog. The Amazon reviews management feature is pretty straightforward. You can filter the reviews by star rating, whether you need to address it (marked as work in progress), or if you’ve already resolved it (marked as done).

sellics reviews management

While the Amazon reviews management feature does a great job in collecting and organizing your reviews in one place, it might not be all that practical when it comes to notifying you when bad reviews come in. If you want to get notified immediately, using an external review tool like Feedback Genius could be a more viable option for you.

Sellics pricing

If you earn anywhere between $1000 to $60,000 annually on Amazon, then the Seller Edition is perfect for you.

Starting at $47 per month on an annual plan, the Seller Edition gives you data for all Amazon Markets, lets you track unlimited products and gives you access to the best features that Sellics has to offer.

If you earn more than $60,000 annually and want to scale your business fast, then the Vendor Edition can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Starting at $179 per month, the Vendor Edition gives you the option to choose different modules like the Content & SEO module and the Retail Analytics module. And the great thing about this edition is that you can save up to 50% when you purchase two or more modules.

The Agency Edition is a special plan that Sellics offers agencies that handles multiple clients. It offers dedicated support to agencies so they have all the tools they need to service their clients better. Pricing for this edition varies so it’s best to consult with the Sellics team to get a quote.

Sellics Review: Pros and cons

To give you a better idea of whether this is indeed the tool you’re looking for, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Sellics.


  • Shows you the conversion rates. This is one feature that many tools don’t have. Sellics has a widget that doesn’t just show you the conversion rate for your listings, it also gives you session information.
  • Great customer support. Anytime you encounter a glitch, you can quickly reach out to the Sellics support tea via email or live chat. They’re known to respond quickly to queries.
  • Variable pricing scheme. Your subscription fee is based on your annual business volume so startup and low-volume sellers won’t have to shell out a huge amount on a reliable AMZ tool suite.
  • Supports international Amazon marketplaces. If you do business in other marketplaces aside from the US, you can use Sellics to grow your stores on the Canada, Uk, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Mexico Amazon marketplaces.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base. Want tips on how you can maximize Sellics to grow your business? There’s a knowledge base that has tips on how to use different Sellics features.


  • You need a seller central account to sign up. Even if you just want to check out Sellics features, you still need to connect it to a Seller Central account. Also, one Sellics account is limited to one Seller Central account.
  • Historical data can only go back to two months. Because of limitations on Amazon’s API, you can only access two months’ worth of data on the Sellics profit dashboard.
  • Can’t download reports. Unlike other tools of its caliber, Sellics has no feature that will allow you to download or export reports from your account.
  • Can’t show ROI. Sellics also doesn’t show your return on investment on the products you sell. You have to compute for your ROI using an external tool.
  • Third-party promos can inflate your revenue. Sometimes, Sellics inflates your revenue numbers by factoring third-party promos into your profits. This can throw you off at first glance.


If you’re looking for a tool that delivers all the data you need in one platform, then Sellics has a lot to offer.

Aside from giving you basic metrics, it also gives you the option to get deeper insights. The dashboard is easy to use, even with all the features that it has.

While the subscription model can be a bit confusing to some, it’s worth every penny. Why? Because you’re only expected to pay for features that you actually need.

Since you’ll need a Seller Central account to use these features, we recommend Sellics to sellers who are already seriously growing their Amazon business.

If at this point, you’re still not sure of what Sellics software edition to get, you can check out this handy guide from the Sellics blog.

Sign up for the 14-day free trial (with no credit card required) to give this multifunctional tool out for a test run yourself.

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