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Market research is arguably the most crucial component of every Amazon FBA business or any business for that matter. Without having a clear idea of who your audience is and your competitors, you won’t be able to make informed decisions to help your business get to the top.

While you can make choices just like you would throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it sticks, you can’t measure whether or not you make the right move. The same can’t be said with market research. It allows you to take a peek on the possible tactics and strategies your competitors are using to help their business increase their sales. The process also helps you track how your business performs vis-a-vis your audience. Did your products sell well during a period? Why or why not? And can you do to improve things?

Therefore, conducting market research should be on the top of your list before you even begin setting up your Amazon account. But instead of manually gathering the data for research, you can use a tool that’ll do the dirty work for you. This way, you can focus on analyzing the results and using the information to come up with strategies and campaigns for your Amazon business.

Two of the best Amazon tools in the market are Jungle Scout and ASINspector. Both hold a distinguished reputation for good reasons, However, instead of buying both, it’s best to choose one and run your business with it to cut costs and rely on a single tool for your research to simplify matters.

In this JungleScout vs ASINspector review post, you will learn:

  • What makes JungleScout and ASINspector unique from each other
  • The pros and cons of each tool so you know what you’re getting into when choosing either
  • The best tool to use for which person or Amazon business

JungleScout vs ASINspector: Finding the best Amazon product for you

amazon best sellers

The key to a profitable Amazon business is finding the right product to sell. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with a product that’s unlike anything in the market. All it takes for you to make money on Amazon is to sell a product that’s head and shoulders above the rest of the other sellers. And you can achieve this by using JungleScout and ASINspector the correct way.

Even if both tools achieve the same goal for its users, they have different features and functions that cater to specific Amazon sellers. Therefore, choosing between the two is not a matter of finding out which one is the most popular. Your choice is dictated by which between the two fits your needs and user habits. Thankfully, we are here to compare and contrast the features of both tools so you can see how each tool operates and which one you think is better for you.

The following topics below covers the variables I will use to pit the tools against each other.


As mentioned, the goal of using these tools is to help you find the product to sell on Amazon that will yield you the most profit. You can achieve this by looking at the best-selling products right now, their estimated monthly sales and revenue, the number of reviews, sales history, how many sales, product information, and more.

asinspector search
Comparing both tools at the onset, the standard version of ASINspector provides accurate details to all information above for each product. This gives you complete data to figure out the best products in the market at the moment and create an even better product than that to get a share of the pie if that’s possible. If you’re a bookseller, you’ll appreciate additional information provided for the products so you can break down the data and make better choices moving forward.

From the data provided by the standard version of ASINspector, the three important data aside from the basic ones mentioned above are the price comparison, frequently bought together, and net payout. The first lets you compare the product price on Amazon across different online marketplaces (eBay, Walmart, etc.). Frequently bought together shows you other products that customers of the product in question also purchased. The last one shows you the net profit and ROI of the product after fees if you plan on selling it anytime soon. Using the information here, you can measure the initial investment you need to spend on the product. You can also think of adjacent products that you can add to your brand if you plan to expand soon.

jungle scout search

The lite version of Jungle Scout isn’t as comprehensive as ASINspector. It doesn’t have as many features and returns less information about the product. You will have to subscribe to the higher plan (Growing Business and High-Volume Seller) to unearth more relevant information for your research.

However, it’s not always about the volume of features a tool has. Rather, it boils down on the quality that the features of the tool show on results. In the case of Jungle Scout, it filters out ad listings from the results and only shows you organic results. This allows you to have a better understanding of your competitors at a glance. You also don’t have to worry about ads tainting your data since they don’t count for this part of your research.

When using the standard version ASINspector to scour the competition, you must only check the result from Amazon itself to determine which among the results on ASINspector are ads. From there, you need to remove ads from your research so you can focus on all sellers of the product.

Another advantage of using Jungle Scout is how it manages product variations in its results. For instance, if there are different sizes of a product, Jungle Scout accurately captures them all and shows them in the results. On the other hand, ASINspector fails to show different variations for the same product. It only shows the variation with the highest ranking and leaves everything else from the results. Part of your research must also include the product variations so you can get a better idea of the market even if the same products rank on top.

Summary: The quality of features Jungle Scout possess is more than enough for it to overcome the volume of data (some of which can be problematic) that ASINspector delivers to you. Advantage: Jungle Scout


How easy and convenient it will be for you to find and browse the information you need will ultimately dictate which tool you should use moving forward. It also includes the quality of data the tool returns. After all, what use does a tool have if it shows you incorrect data? Using faulty information will help you build an equally faulty strategy.

In some respect, Jungle Scout and ASINspector produce the best possible results in a bubble. It uses historical data to help you predict the profitable of an Amazon product. From here, it’s up to you on how to take action and make something happen.

I mention this because it is possible that the predicted results both tools show you can be higher or lower than expected once you start taking action. Once you put the data into practice, there are other variables that come into play that is beyond the control of the tool you’re using. Therefore, it wouldn’t be completely fair to measure both for the precision of the results for the reasons above.

Instead, we will tackle the usability of Jungle Scout and ASINspector. However, this controlled variable is a very subjective manner. What feels right for some is awkward for others and vice versa. What you will read before is just a statement about the usability of both from a single perspective. You may want to try them first for your benefit to come up with your opinions for each.

You can Jungle Scout and ASINspector as Google Chrome extensions. Once you purchase the tool, you must install them on your Google browser. Once installed, go to Amazon and click on the button to analyze the data for you. The extension makes research much more agile since you don’t have to log in to a cloud platform to access the information. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can source products quickly so you don’t waste any time making money.

The downside of a Chrome extension is the vulnerability of the browser. Without you knowing it, you may have visited pages online will a malware that creeps onto your browser and destroys your hard drive. Despite the actual chances of that happening is low, you need to protect your data as much as possible to avoid any problems.

For people who are very protective of their data, Jungle Scout offers a web-based app so you can keep your data in a secure location on the cloud. It’s probably won’t be as easy to use compared to the Chrome extension, but it does store information much better.

It’s worth mentioning that ASINspector is available as a mobile app. The reason is so you can scan physical products using the app’s barcode scanner so you can see its data on Amazon. This is useful for people who like going to discount stores and thrift shops for retail arbitrage.

Summary: While both offer top-notch usability from its Chrome extension, the option to choose a web-based app for Jungle Scout makes a difference. Offering variety helps give users better control of the data they search using either. Advantage: Jungle Scout


jungle scout web pricing

Jungle Scout offers the web-based app and the Chrome extension. The former is an annual paid subscription and has three available plans: Entrepreneur ($25/month), Growing Business ($40/month), and High Volume Seller ($50/month). The difference comes from the number of users available for each – the higher the plan, the more users you can include in your account – and the number of products to track. Also, the Growing Business and High Volume Seller plans include the Niche Hunter feature.

jungle scout chrome extensions

To use the Google Chrome extension, you only need to pay once. The Chrome Extension Lite costs $97 and includes information about monthly sales and revenue, rating and review tracking, and more. The Pro version costs $197 and includes everything in the Lite version plus Web app integration, product profit calculator, FBA fee estimator, and more.

asinspector pricing

As a Google Chrome extension, ASINspector offers two plans. The Standard license costs a one-time payment of $97 and includes the basic features to help you jumpstart your market and product research for Amazon. For the Pro version, you must pay $149 plus the recurring monthly fee of $10 until you unsubscribe. Included in this version is the ability to see the child variations of each product, more data points for product research, keyword research tool, barcode scanner, and more.

Comparing both tools based on their varied price points is tricky. The Chrome extensions for Jungle Scout lets you get the expenses out of the way after paying for it. However, you’ll also have to sign up for a monthly subscription of the web-based app if you want to gather more data and save them on a more secure location. You can integrate the Chrome extension to the app so all your findings using the extension will go directly to the app.

While Jungle Scout offers variety and option to users, there’s a risk that people get confused about the services they offer. Can you just do with the extension and ignore the web-based app or you need to use both? If that’s the case, then why make them exclusive from each other? It’ll make sense for people once they do their research, but the option might drive away some to ASINspector, which offers a simpler and more direct tool with easy-to-understand pricing options.

Summary: Sometimes, less is more, which is the route that ASINspector took with its pricing. By offering a single product (Chrome extension) with two variations (Standard and Pro), people can easily get into the tool without being paralyzed by the different and expensive choices offered by Jungle Scout.

JungleScout vs ASINspector: Verdict

Both tools compare well in reference to the variables above. However, when all is said and done, people will find more use with Jungle Scout especially once people get the hang of using the web app and Chrome extension.

jungle scout chrome sample

As mentioned, Jungle Scout provides quality features even though it has less compared to ASINspector. However, what it does offer are the most important features that people who want to profit from Amazon FBA should be using. The web app lets you effectively search for niche ideas and come up with products to sell on Amazon guaranteed to make money. The Chrome extension helps you validate your product ideas so you can push forward with your project. By providing these solutions, users will find it much easier to make informed decisions for the products they want to sell on the platform.

This isn’t to say that ASINspector is an inferior product because that’s far from the truth. If you want to crunch more data and information in your research, then this tool will provide you with more than enough to keep you busy for days. At the same time, and this is a criticism about the tool, not all data will prove useful to all users. For example, if you don’t do book arbitrage or retail arbitrage in general, then you won’t have any use for information that shows the number of items for a particular product, and the estimated price and Amazon fees of a product sold in bulk, among others.

The narrowed and focused approach of its features make Jungle Scout the premium choice, high price tag and all.

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