Feedback Genius Review: The Fastest Way to Get Legit Amazon Reviews?




Need legit Amazon reviews fast? Learn how you can get customers to leave a review after their purchase by reading this Feedback Genius review.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for quite some time now, by now you already know that customer reviews are critical to your success. Consumers often read reviews when they’re ready to buy, so having positive reviews lots of positive reviews on your listings is one of the most effective ways to influence their buying decisions.

But ever since Amazon prohibited incentivized reviews, getting reviews has become even more challenging for sellers. These days, if you want to increase customer reviews, you need to have an engaging drip campaign.

What is Feedback Genius?

Designed by Seller Labs, Feedback Genius a cloud-based program that lets you set up drip campaigns for your products. It promises to cut back the time you spend creating and sending out messages to your customers. With Feedback Genius, you can attract more customers to leave positive reviews, which then sell more products.

But why create a drip campaign? Why can’t you send a single email asking for a review and just leave it at that?

Well, first off, it’s not allowed. Amazon has a very strict policy on seller-customer email communications and you can’t send out unsolicited marketing emails to your customers. The only emails you’re allowed to send are those that are absolutely necessary for order fulfillment and customer service.

Second, to increase your chances of getting a positive review, you have to be with them throughout their buying process. Once an order has been confirmed, you can already start sending out emails to your customers.

More than just a system that lets you send out automated emails, Feedback Genius is a tool that helps you get better at customer engagement. Because when customers are engaged, that’s when they begin to develop a sense of loyalty towards your brand.

Before we dive into how Feedback Genius works, let’s first take a quick tour of its features.


  • Automate buyer-seller messaging – This feature lets you set up an automated email campaign so you can gather reviews from buyers faster than ever. With your account, you get access to ready-to-use email templates that you can send out to buyers or edit them as you wish.
  • Get seller feedback notification – When someone leaves you seller feedback, you’ll receive email notifications from the tool immediately. This gives you a chance to respond immediately so that you can keep your reputation intact.
  • Have advanced analytics at your fingertips – The tool allows you to check out your email performance by looking at open and unsubscription rates. You can test out different versions of your email using its A/B testing options so you know the headlines and messages that your customers are more likely to open and respond to.

Excited to take Feedback Genius for a spin? Here’s how it works.

How to use Feedback Genius

Just like most Amazon tools, you need to connect your Amazon seller account to your Feedback Genius before you can start using it. It’s a pretty straightforward process and the site tells you the exact steps you need to take to get it done.

Once you’re done hooking up your Amazon seller account to Feedback Genius, you can start creating your first email series.

When you log in, you get access to a dashboard that gives you an overview of your activities on Feedback Genius.

feedback genius overview

Click on the messages tab to begin drafting your email series. Click the orange button to create a new email.

create new email with feedback genius

You can choose to use a template, copy an already existing message, or write one from scratch.

use template or create new one

The great thing about Feedback Genius is that even if you’re not much of a writer, you can get inspiration from the built-in templates. All you have to do is choose the event and goal of each email.

The event is when the message will be sent while the goal is what you’re trying to achieve.

feedback genius review

feedback genius event

So, if for example, you want to email your customer when the package has been delivered with seller feedback as your goal, the system will give you something like this email.

email template for feedback genius

You can add different variables to the template to customize your emails as you deem fit. You can even add links, images, and files to make your messages stand out.

edit email message in feedback genius

Once you’re happy with your message, it’s time to schedule the email. The system will send out your email immediately or a few days after the event that you chose earlier. If you have specific conditions in mind, you can also set filters to ensure that your messages get sent out to the right people at the right time.

set filters

Selling to an international audience? You can set a filter so that your English emails only get sent out to your buyers from English-speaking countries. You can create email templates in different languages for different buyer segments. This way, your French buyers will get the French email and your German buyers will get the German email.

As you can see, Feedback Genius is very beginner-friendly. The wizard is pretty easy to navigate and there are plenty of customization options to choose from.

Now, for a very important question: Is Feedback Genius Amazon TOS compliant? As we all know, Amazon is serious about its Terms of Service and sellers who fail to comply are subject to some heavy penalties.

Feedback Genius follows Amazon’s TOS in terms of how emails are sent to customer inboxes, specifically HTML use. As for the templates, the words used are very conservative so you won’t find any messages outrightly asking for a product review or seller feedback.

How to use Genius Feedback to get reviews fast

We know, creating your first email series can be a bit overwhelming, so here’s a simple 3-part email formula you can follow. Make sure to put your spin to it and really make it your own. Remember customers receive these kinds of emails a lot. In order to stand out, you need to get creative with your templates.

Email #1

Event: As soon as the product has been shipped

Goal: Let the customer know that their order is on its way. Remind them of the benefits of the product they’re about to receive. Include links to related articles from your blog.

Email #2

Event: 3 days after delivery

Goal: Check on the customer and ask if the order came on time. Also, ask if they received the item/s they’re supposed to. If they encounter issues with the product, remind them that they can email you directly. Include how to use tips as a bonus.

Email #3

Event: 7 days after delivery

Goal: Ask the customer about their experience with the product so far. Then, gently remind them to leave a review.

If you think there’s still not enough traction with your drip campaign, then look under the hood. Use the analytics feature to check how your drip campaigns are performing so you know if your subject lines and/or messages need changing.

To convince customers to leave a review, you should keep working on your email content. Poorly-written drip campaigns are huge turn-offs. Sure, you might still get a couple of reviews from them, but clever drip campaigns will bump your chances up by 5-6%. Some sellers in certain niches even get up to 10%.

While a 10-percent review rate may not seem like much, it can make a huge difference if you’re selling large volumes of product.

This is why it’s important that you constantly A/B test your campaign drip headlines and messages. You see, just like sending out company newsletters, a great headline can make a huge difference in your open rate. Proofread for grammatical errors and make sure that you only send out relatable and relevant messages to your customers.


One of the great things about Feedback Genius is its pricing structure. Your choice of plan is primarily based on how many emails you’ll be sending out per month. It’s certainly advantageous for sellers who are still starting out or selling low volumes.

Signing for the Essentials plan, which supports 1 marketplace and allows users to send 100 emails per month is a good way to test out how well Feedback Genius will work for you. Or better yet, sign up for the 30-day free trial to take full advantage of all the features this automated email platform has in store for you.

If the 100-email allocation isn’t enough for your business, then you can choose from the following plans:

  • Startup – $20/mo – 1,000 emails
  • Growth – $40/mo – 3,000 emails
  • Premium – $80/mo – 10,000 emails
  • Enterprise – $250/mo – 60,000 emails

So, if for example, you’re selling 3000 units of different products every month, you’ll need to sign up for the Premium plan. This should be enough allocation to send out a 3-part drip campaign per unit. (3 emails x 3000 products = 9000 emails)

Pros and Cons


  • Low volume sellers don’t have to pay to use Feedback Genius. If you’re selling less than a hundred units per month on just one marketplace, then you can sign up for the Essentials plan.
  • Feedback Genius has plenty of advanced filters and sending options you can tweak. This ensures that your messages get to your customers at the best times.
  • The Seller Feedback Notifications feature lets you know what your customers are saying about you so you can quickly do damage control on negative reviews. You also get a real-time notification when someone leaves a review or feedback on your Amazon store.


  • You won’t see the reviews you get for each product. Although the analytics feature tells you the number of reviews you’ve received, you won’t be able to see what exactly your customers wrote.
  • The system has the tendency to slow down for larger accounts. Be ready to wait for a substantial amount of time while Feedback Genius pulls up reports for Premium and Enterprise accounts.
  • Customer support is only available on weekdays. If you encounter a glitch over the weekend, you might have to wait a couple of days before you get any response.

Feedback Genius review: Verdict

If you want to be an Amazon top seller, let this be your mantra from now on:

Engaged customers make happy customers.

And the best way to keep your customers engaged is to send out a well-written drip campaign. Sending out follow-up emails may seem tedious, but it’s guaranteed to improve both the quantity and quality of the reviews you get.

As the most used automated messaging program among Amazon sellers, Feedback Genius makes it easy for you to establish your credibility and grow your business on Amazon.

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