Shout Out to Reseller Central

Shout Out to Reseller Central

Something I am going to be doing over the next month is highlighting some communities that are really making strides in the world on selling on Amazon.

I would like to take a few minutes to showcase two people that I think are absolutely amazing: Ken and Travis.

If I was starting FBA Master all over again, they would be the exact model I would like to follow.

Now I have to give you the pros and cons of their Facebook community (it’s only fair and this should be seen as a positive critique to help the group move forward):


I think Ken and Travis are both extremely intelligent people and they are trying to build a loyal audience. This is shown by the large amounts of free content they share with their followers.

They haven’t jumped to that “guru status.” I am not of a fan of those people who jump from a nobody to someone that is a charging $100 per course. Ken and Travis are building up their reputation and they are doing it by sharing their knowledge with others.

Ken was on the leading edge of the Gumroad trend. I like to align myself with people who are forward thinking and can pick up on trends before everyone else.

My dad (Jason Wilkey) says that Travis is one of the smartest sellers in the market right now. Travis has learned more than most because he dove head first into FBA selling. I know that Travis has a huge family that he supports fully from his income that he makes online. I find that impressive and horrifying at the same time. It also makes me realize that when he starts doing something, it is going to be awesome (because why would you waste your time otherwise.


They are a newer group and they are going to have some growing issues. FBA Master and Godfather Deals had some issues along the way and I expect that Reseller Central will have issues during their growth.

There is currently no blog. These guys are brilliant, but they aren’t putting out content for the world to see. They either need to partner up with FBA Master crew (we would give you your own section on the blog) or they need to start their own blog.

Honestly – Those are the only two cons that I see with their online community. These are smart guys who can really bring value to their audience.

And that is my review of the Reseller Central community.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will direct them to the person who can answer them the best 🙂


One thought on “Shout Out to Reseller Central

  • November 16, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Easily the best post you ever written for the site. I may be slightly biased, but my opinion still rocks. 🙂


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