Walmart.com To Amazon FBA Flip




Here is a simple Walmart.com to Amazon FBA flip for your next online arbitrage venture.  You can have this shipped for free to your home, open up the box, stick your FBA sticker on, reseal the box and ship these into Amazon, making it perfect for any amazon seller account.  Plus, did I mention that you can make well over 100% return on your money?



As you can see in the picture, the Walmart Chrome extension is showing that you can get this from Walmart.com for $2.00.

So now we need to put into this into FBA calculator to see what the fees and profit are.



As you can see, after fees, we can make $5.07 on these.  Take off $2 cost ( plus inbound shipping).  We are looking at about $3 profit.

Walmart.com gives free shipping for orders over $50, so that helps.

Now lets go a step farther.

Sign up for a free account at FatWallet so the you can save more on your buy cost.  FatWallet gives you a rebate when you buy through their links, so it is important to go to FatWallet first, then go to Walmart.com through their link.  If you to Walmart.com directly or through the Chrome extension, you won’t be able to get the rebate.

In this case, you can get 2% cash back from FatWallet.



Now you could take this a step farther by buying a discounted Walmart gift card from Raise 



Raise  can save you another 2% or so depending on the card deal you get

Now if you buy the discounted gift card with your 2% cash back credit card, there is even more savings.



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