Sourcing From Dollar Tree




An often over looked place to source product from is Dollar Tree.  Here is something you can find locally or order it online and have it shipped to your local store for free.

Obviously, it cost $1 since it is from Dollar Tree.




Doing a search on Amazon, we find that it is selling for $6.97 FBA.




Plugging those numbers into FBA calulator, we see that not counting inbound shipping  cost, we could make about $2 each on these.  That is about 200% return.




There is actually another, listing that has a higher sales rank and is an add-on item, but they are getting $9.97 each out of these.




Throw those numbers into FBA calculator and you see that you can profit about $4.83 ( before inbound shipping) We are getting close to 450% on this listing.



You have to be approved for Grocery category and most likely the listing will be combined in the future, but this proves you can source products from Dollar Tree and in this case, return 200-450% on your money.


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  1. Dear Jason,
    What scanning app do you use? What do you think of Scoutify (I think that’s the name) that you get when you use Inventory Labs? Right now i’m using Profit Bandit. Want to upgrade. Thanks so much.
    JG Raphael II

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