3 Misconception Excuses That Plague Wannabe FBA Sellers

At times it seems as though all I talk about is FBA.

Which is in clear violation of the first rule of FBA, which is

You don’t talk about FBA.

Or maybe I am mixing up my rule-sheets.  Either way.  I talk FBA a lot.

My mail carrier recently asked for my phone number, asking if I can teach her Amazon.  The three UPS guys near my office in downtown Chicago have asked if I’d come give a little presentation on FBA.  Pretty much anytime someone asks me a question I answer with “something something something something Amazon something Amazon.”

So through all these conversations, I’ve come up with a small little list of three.  Three misconceptions that seem to plague me in nearly every conversation I have with potential FBA sellers, or just those who show some passive interest.

1.  It’s too late, I missed the boat.

This is so common it’s almost laughable.  People tend to constantly be on the look out for opportunity for greatness, and then with the same fervor search for ways to disqualify themselves from that course of action.

It’s a sick and endless cycle that plagues so many people.

Brian S. wrote about the fear of others perceptions right here.

All these little fears and battles add up, and can stop someone from taking action.

The Amazon marketplace is continuing to expand.  In 2013, third part merchants accounted for over A BILLION PACKAGES sold on Amazon.com.


That was in 2013.  So how does that pertain?  Well, if you hadn’t started by then, you surely had missed the boat.  I mean, seriously, how many items can they really sell in a year?

In 2014, Amazon third party merchants sold over 2.  Billion.  Packages.





So in one calendar year you are telling me that Amazon doubled it’s third party sales?

Yes, in fact, that is EXACTLY what I am telling you.  

So there was no boat missed.  This boat is still being built, let alone having taken off from the dock.

Here is a nice family style quote from Charles Ngo, who is a god amongst mortal affiliate marketers.  This sums up misconception #1 to a T.


2.  I’m not as smart as you.

Well, let’s be realistic.

You probably aren’t.mistakes

Odds are you are WAY SMARTER!

I am prone to quick and rash decisions and judgments, and very very very rarely do I learn from a first mistake.  I tend to beat my head against the wall until blood spills all over, I slip in it a few times, get hurt some more, then finally I can stand up and dust myself off enough to maybe change a little.

The main issue is this.  People tend to be too afraid of mistakes.  They allow potential mistakes to hinder their ability to move forward.  Not even real mistakes, just the thought that they might make a mistake is often enough to stop a person from starting.

This is a business, not a get rich quick scheme.  As such, it requires some perseverance, patience, and persistence.

But just because it is a business, it is not the same as work and it is not something that requires genius level IQ.  There is a learning curve in the beginning, naturally, but the basics are pretty easy to grasp.  We all have questions, and there are free resources for each of those questions.

I am not smarter than anyone.

I simply do not stop.  Learning.  Reading.  Writing.  Shipping.  Studying.  Practicing.  Refining.

There are plenty of ways to make yourself better.  Smarter.  More effective.

Or…..be like the people who sit on the sidelines, and watch.  Waiting.  Because they aren’t smart enough.


3.  I don’t have enough time/money.

Let me just say this.

Neither do the rest of us.

Since I started selling on Amazon, I’ve had two kids, started a new job that works around 60 hours a week (but 1.5 shift, so I leave the house at 2 a.m. and get home around 1:30 p.m.).

Oh, and I’ve been in court for over 2 years for a million dollar lawsuit.
(actually $987,843 but who is keeping track?)

So for me, I have NO MONEY AND NO TIME!

Untitled design (4)

But you know what I do have?

A six figure sales business on Amazon.com.

You know how i built it?

15 minutes at a time.  However I can.  I source on lunch break, while I grocery shop, at midnight on saturday nights when my family sleeps.  I enter into Inventory Lab over the course of multiple days, and print labels separately at times if that is the way I must do it.  Sometimes it takes me a week to ship out 100 items.  Sometimes I get a 4 hour window and I’ll get 400 items shipped.  It all depends.  I don’t fight it, it simply is.

I don’t have the time yet, but I am three quarters of the way completed to freeing up my life.  I don’t have the money yet, but I am getting a little closer each day.


The only misconception about FBA that matters is this false statement:

“You can’t do it.”


Because you can.

That’s assuming you want to, of course.

If you don’t, that’s totally cool.  Then don’t.

It won’t bother me.

But if you want to, then do some work, put in some effort, and do it.  Without excuses.  Because they are pointless, and nearly every successful seller I know has their own set of excuses, fears and stories that they worked through to get where they are at.

Right, Brian?

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