4 Basic Ways to Sell On Amazon (plus a tease at the bottom)




Amazon is a remarkable platform for generating income.  It can realistically be said that in regards to low cost to entry and obstacles, there has never been something quite like the opportunity it provides.

This list is by no means the only ways to profit from a business relationship with Amazon, but these are some of the more applicable ones for where many of us are right now.  I did not include Amazon Associates even thought it’s obviously a powerful model, but it isn’t really FBA like these four.

In no particular order :

1. Arbitrage

This is the primary way that we help people discover here at this site.  In no way are we the only ones helping to learn this model.  There are many other resources online, both free and paid.

For example, Ryan Grants site www.onlinesellingexperiment.com is a free resource that has helped a great number of FBA sellers over the last few years.  And Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course is a paid program that has helped shorten the learning curve for hundreds (if not thousands) of new sellers.

But, it can and always will be boiled down into “buy low, sell high.”

Once you grasp that concept, you know the premises of the arbitrage model, and it then becomes about finding products.

2.  Private Label

The basic concept behind this model is to take a product, and brand it as your own.  For some this includes making minor enhancements that differentiate the product from others like it, or it just means slapping your own brand name on it and developing a brand.

Like everything else, there are free resources and paid courses.  Both can provide value and help explain the process.

Jake Robinson host’s webinars and lately the theme has definitely been private labeling items.  Andy Slamans has a course that seems to foster success.

3.  Wholesale

Setting up wholesale accounts is not nearly as difficult as one might imagine.  What this model entails is buying direct from a manufacturer or wholesale distributor, versus going to Target or Walmart.  There are plenty of advantages here, including price, quantity, availability, exclusivity, and the general ease of buying direct.

There is a great group that John Bullard has helped put together, called EmpowerU, which helps make contacting and creating wholesale relationships easier, and also puts a network together to pool resources and work together to increase order size as well as hit minimums.

As for free resources or courses on wholesaling I am not sure of, but I am very interested in checking out, so if someone has some to share please let me know.

4.  Merch by Amazon

The new kid on the block, this is Amazons attempt at supplanting some of the market that companies like TeeSpring have gotten over the last few years.  Using the clout that Amazon has, this is a potentially huge opportunity.az watching what you read

It acts as a print on demand platform, where a person designs and uploads a shirt to the Amazon platform.  It then can and is sold FBA like other “traditional” items.  Chris Green did a course on how to use the platform.  It is basically a brand new service offered, barely a few weeks old at this point.

The potential is tremendous, and we are giving it a go as FBA Master.  So we will report back in a few months and tell you how it’s going!



If you made it this far, great.

Here is something exciting to report.

We as a site and a group, the FBAM group, are sponsoring something.  Something awesome!

And yes, this is a cryptic tease.  Yes this is rude of me, because I am going to leave you hanging.

Yes, I suck.

I’m super comfortable with how I sleep at night, so I will leave you with this tease.

A survey will be created and mailed out in the next few days.  Whoever fills it out, will be entered into the contest.  And next Wednesday, we will announce the contest and winners.


You will be!!!

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