7 Ways Networking Will Grow your FBA Business Today!




FBAM is from Networking.

Maybe you knew that.  Maybe you didn’t.

Basic history of this group is as follows:

Chris posted in a Facebook group that he would like to form a small, secret group for the sharing of BOLO’s.  Five people total, and I happened to be one of the five.  This group went on for a few weeks, and then the potential was realized.

So a large sized group was formed, and was called FBA Master.  A few months later Mike was added to the mix because of his constant presence and ability to quickly and accurately answer nearly all questions in the groups.


Huge things can come from small networks.  So working on your own is important.

Here are 7 ways how building your own network can impact you and your FBA bottom line immediately.

1. Private BOLO Groups

A large part of our audience found us as a result of the posting of BOLO’s.  So the sharing of profitable items will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Forming a small group can be done in two ways.

  1. Deliberately, meaning you specifically ask people if they want to be in a group with that as its purpose.

  2. Organically, meaning you just share some of your QUALITY finds with a small and select group that you determine on your own.

Both ways have their merits, and can be played around with.  But by figuring out ways to do this and experimenting til you find the right people, you enhance your own buying potential because by finding the right people they will also send items back to you.

2. More opportunities for success

There are other ways to profit from networking besides BOLO’s, they are just the most visible and concrete.

However, other business can be formed as a result of networking.  Could be lists or mastermind groups.  Could be services offered.  Could be completely outside Amazon.  I am working on an app with someone that came as a result of meeting in this fashion.

There is no reason to remain limited to BOLO’s or what can be had, simply put yourself out and meet people, because that is where the opportunities lie.

3. Connections

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  That simple statement has been true for as long as business has existed.

So how does it work in FBA?connections

I can guarantee you know someone who does wholesale.  Someone who has extra inventory they need to move.  With the stream of organic networking that results from participating in your relationships, not just hoping they happen, strange things happen.

“Hey John, I have ______, I’m a certified vendor of ____ and could sell you 100 unites @ $____ if you are interested.”


“Hey I need to make a site like this one”
“Ok let me introduce you to Nate, he kills it on sites like this.”

4. Getting and giving advice

This may come as a shocking surprise to some of you, especially including my wife (hopefully she doesn’t read this EVER):

We do not know everything.

When you are forming your formidable little pockets of intellectual design, you are naturally getting and receiving advice and suggestion from others.  And factually speaking, nobody knows everything, so it is always of benefit to get the wisdom and experience others possess.


Under no circumstances do I assume I have encountered every hurdle or obstacle in regards to Amazon Seller Central, so I love to hear and gather data from every source I can.  And I try and share what little I’ve encountered publicly, to foster a public environment of similar sharing.

5. Stronger backbone

Tenacity. Self-assurance. Spirit. Poise. Confidence.


The more you network, the more you share.  And the more you share, the more certainty and assuredness that you develop.

Because the more consistently you talk to people and ask and answer questions, the more comfortable you become in your own process.  And as you become more and more comfortable with your decision making process, it acts as a self fulfilling prophecy and you make better decisions.

As the decision making process sharpens, confidence boosts.

All because you chose to work with others, and grow a network.

Noticing a pattern here?

6. Good feelings

In the last several years I’ve found myself front and center in several large scale charitable projects, several smaller style service positions, and some undercover good will.

I am not saying this because I want to tell you, not exactly.  What I am saying this for is because while I happen to do some good for others, it must be mentioned that it makes me feel good.  The benefits I receive from helping anyone at any time cannot be ignored, nor should they.

And those are the same benefits I can receive when I network in a small group.

Have you ever helped someone solve a shipping problem?

Answered a question on a PM, and then the person says “thanks, I asked in a group and nobody answered?”

Have you ever explained how to format a 30-up sheet to a brand new seller?

If you haven’t, try it.  Get involved.

Too often people say “I have nothing to offer yet, I’m brand new.”

To which I say hogwash.

If you have been here a week then you have one more week of experience than someone who just discovered FBA.


download (6)


7. Friendships

Most people in my life are sick of hearing about FBA.

Guess who ifriends-697741_640sn’t?

The people I PM on a daily basis who also share my addiction!

If you don’t believe that you will form a friendship by talking to like minded people about your business, well, try it.

Let me know how that goes.


Basically there is this fact.

Nothing needs to be done alone.

Business or personal.

There is really no reason to try.  Especially given all the benefits that come as a result of building a network.

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