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Chris Wilkey announced last week that Udemy is changing their pricing structure, so going forward all courses must be priced between $20-$50.  So, before this takes place (April 3rd), he’s offering all of his courses for $9, last time ever.  I can just about guarantee you that I will get some emails starting on the 4th asking if I can retroactively offer the $9 deal.  The answer is no.  Udemy won’t let me.  Chris has several classes (Use coupon code LASTCHANCE), but I would strongly recommend his Online Sourcing Made Easy class.  The class normally runs $99 (will be moved to $49 in April), but is $9 for these last few days.  There are 54 lessons (45 of them video clips) that span about 7 hours and will help just about anyone who wants to get into sourcing online.


Now, with that little bit out of the way, I recognize that there are some people out there who say, “Mike, I just can’t afford $9 for a class.” Maybe you’re from another country and $9 USD goes quite a long way.  Maybe you’re a single parent of three and barely scraping by as it is.  Maybe you say, “Mike, I can afford $9, but my philosophy in business is to go as far as I possibly can with free resources and worry about paying later.”  Fair enough.  Whatever the reason, I’ve got your back.  I’ve been going through the free videos that Chris has online and I have some recommendations for you that will give you a solid intro without costing you a single cent:


Chrome and Extensions for Online Sourcing

Online Sourcing: My Morning Routine

Using Keepa Charts 101

Online Sourcing: Another Way To Find Items

Amazon Movers and Shakers

These are some of my favorites, but he has many more at the YouTube Channel.

Don’t forget to check out his Free Podcasts either (one of these might even be an interview with me!).

And, of course, you have dozens of articles written by John, Chris, and myself.

And, finally, don’t forget one of the most active FBA Facebook groups online (50+ posts on many days), where you can get questions answered.

So, if $9 isn’t in the cards today, I hope I’ve still taken away every excuse there is not to continue your learning.

As Always, Best Wishes



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