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Does this scare you?

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Because it scares the hell out of me.

I am well aware that I can copy and paste each return order into a google calendar, and check back in 46 days to make sure I got my item or money. In fact, I did something similar when I was only getting a return or two a month. But as business has boomed forward, well, sometimes the returns overwhelm me.

There are reports to run, spreadsheets to open, etc. The process can be found through trial and error, through seller support Q & A, forum searches.

Or…….Ryan Grant from onlinesellingexperiment.com wrote this book:


Who can this book help?

Unquestionably, I believe that anyone who sells on Amazon can be helped by what this book has to offer.

Several months ago, Mike T Zoril posted in FBA Master group on Facebook a thread describing an encounter he had with Amazon in regards to questioning his destroyed inventory. Following his simple instructions resulted in me getting $600 dollars overnight.

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How does that apply here?


That is just one of the 10 methods for recovering lost money that Ryan Grant guides us through in this book.

It is, in fact, chapter one.

There are a total of 10 individual ways to go about finding, verifying, and getting reimbursements from Amazon that are explicitly detailed in this ebook.

How can this book help you?

This is pretty simple really.

You like money, right? Cash money? If you didn’t, it is likely you would have stopped reading this by now.

This book lays out in detail each step to take, with photographs and directions, easier to get the money owed to you than putting together an IKEA dresser.

Have you got a list of stranded inventory all sorts of warehouse damaged, customer damaged, and questions and confusion? There is a chapter for that. It walks you through, step by step, how to find and approach the answers for yourself.

Are you guaranteed to get money back?


It would be an erroneous statement if I were to make that.

There is no way for any outside entity to know how many items you have had returned and not been credited, or how many of those awesome random refunds for $4 that Amazon doles out on apparent whim’s. The only thing that can be done by someone WITHOUT access to your account is instructions on what the process is to discover for yourself.

So, do not be dismayed by this fact. Do your own diligence, and if you have not kept track of refunds, do not ever open a case to get reimbursements, are unsure of destroyed inventory, then this may be of tremendous value to you.

Is it hard to do?

easy button

Besides the aforementioned pictures showing the exact steps to take, Ryan also included his exact text to seller central when writing them.

It really cannot be easier.

Did It work for me?


Yes!There is a chapter on using Inventory Lab to help sort out the mess of returns over 30 days. I started the process last friday (one of the perks of my job is that I got this book last week!) and just cleared 236 dollars from two items that were bought on black friday but returned February 3rd. And Amazon did indeed side with me, and they gave my money back.

I straight up copied and pasted the EXACT text in his book, and it worked.

copy paste

So here’s the deal.

The book is out and available right now.

You most likely have heard of Ryan, he did a guest post for us several months back, and has been running his blog for a few years. He is classy and honest, and that goes a long way in this corner of ecommerce-land.

This is an affiliate link, we do get a commission on any sales of this book that you make through this link : https://transactions.sendowl.com/stores/4988/17342

But…..i can promise you this, the book has already helped me recover money that was “lost” to me, and basically considered dead.

And I believe If you have been selling on Amazon, it can do the same for you.

You have money, and it is slipping down the drain, and this book is essentially a roadmap to get that money back, before it is too late.


As of this moment, the book is 29.99, and worth every penny.

However, this is a low launch price, as it will rise to 39.99 as of Monday, February 22nd, at 11:59 pm EST, which is my least favorite of all the time zones.

If you are on the fence or have questions or concerns, you can comment here, email any of us, or comment in group. But do not wait any longer to get back the money that is owed to you.

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