Insuring Your Success as a FBA Master

Update: Please contact Ashlin Hadden if you would like a quote for insurance. (this link will now take you to Ashlin Hadden, my new recommendation since my brother has gone full time into FBA)

I’ll start this blog off by giving you a story about mine and Chris Wilkey’s childhood. Toy Story was easily our favorite movie. We even spend hours each day jumping off the couch pretending to fly like Buzz Lightyear. That was until we broke the couch and Jason Wilkey made us stop imitating Buzz all the time.

Insurance is a boring topic, which is why I want to spruce it up a little by using situations from my favorite movie Toy Story to explain the importance of insurance in your life.

Mr. Potato Head with his many pieces for his face throughout the movie. Let’s say a younger Andy was playing with him and he swallows one of these pieces and is choked and died. The type of insurance that would protect the seller of the lawsuit would be general liability.

Now let’s say the army men go on their mission in the movie, and a human walks by. They stop, fall down, and lay in the middle of the room. That human starts walking and is tripped and tears his ACL. The homeowner’s policy would kick in under the liability portion, which protects the homeowners from lawsuit.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody fly into the truck, but later on in the movie the truck crashes into another car. This one is fairly obvious, but would be covered under an automobile policy.

I could go on and on with examples of freak accidents that could happen throughout the movie, but I think you have probably gotten the point. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. This year, I have sold over 10,000 items to families around the country. Could you imagine all the potentials exposures that I could face? Just one claim against me could cost me my life savings, my car, my house, and my entire business.

After much success as a FBA Master, I recently received an email from Amazon stating I needed to get this insurance policy for my account. At first I did not like being forced to buy this policy, but after much deliberation and research, I have found it imperative that I have this policy, and would encourage each and every Amazon seller to purchase this as well.

Naturally I called up some companies to issue my own personal policy and they all said no because it’s “too risky”. I did not want to take no for an answer, so I prepared presentations and proposals for these companies. I was ecstatic to announce that I received two Yes’s for this insurance, and hope to share with our FBA community on how to apply for one of these policies.

As Chris mentioned in a recent blog post, I will be a part of his BLAB on 01/06/2016 at 8 p.m. EST. On this BLAB, I will be fielding all insurance questions you have about this new policy as well as any insurance related questions. I actually did major in insurance and sales, and was given a full ride scholarship for my expertise in the insurance field. I also obtained my two licenses for Life & Health, and Property & Casualty, and I work for an independent agency as a broker. This means I can sell practically any insurance you can create and I represent an upwards of 30 different companies.

So I encourage you to attend next Wednesday’s BLAB and prepare as many insurance related questions that you can think of asking. Insurance is a boring topic, but I hope to put a fun twist to the subject and to start off your New Year on the right path.

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