Money Making Idea – Building Free Websites




One thing that I see all the time is people think there is only one way to make money.

Here’s the deal:

There are always multiple ways to make money if you understand the system.

I used to be asked to make a website all the time. Honestly, you could most likely walk into any local business and offer to build them a website.

What if you could offer to do it for free and still make money ?

If you know a little WordPress (or know how to outsource), then you might find a great opportunity to make money through a hosting service’s affiliate program.

One of my favorite is FatCow.

Take this scenario:

1. You set up 3 basic website options

2. You go to local businesses and offer them a free website as long as they purchase hosting through your affiliate link (wordsmith that a bit)

3. You build their selection of site from their existing content.

4. You make the money and they are happy

I’m a huge fan of win-wins.

Even better. Design the websites before you go to pitch them and say we can have this up and running in a few days.

Like all of my ideas, a lot needs to be hashed out in order for it to work. Each idea is meant to a spark an idea and allow you to expand and turn the idea into your own.

Best of luck!


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