OAXRay Is In The House!




Big news.

Tonight we start a 4 week long live course over OAXRay.

To celebrate the awesome course, OAXRay decided to do something incredible. Instead of the typical 6 day free trial, they have launched a 10 day free trial!

I have to say, that’s freaking awesome!

Get the 10 day free trial here!

10 Day Free Trial!


Free if you type $0 into the price box.

Course Dates:

May 3, 10, 17, and 24 at 8 PM EDT

Course Includes:

4 weeks of live class on Tuesdays at 8PM EDT

A private Facebook group for the duration of the course

Class Topics (Note: Classes can only hold 50 live viewers – All students will receive a recorded copy of each class if there is not enough room):

May 3 – Understanding the basics of OAXRay with Chris Wilkey

Goal of the class: Go through the process of setting up an OAXRay account and understanding the uses of the software. We will also cover how to find your first deal using OAXRay

May 10 – Setting Up Your Online Sourcing Process with OAXRay with Chris Wilkey

Goal of the class: Go through 3-4 different ways to use OAXRay for online sourcing and understand how Chris uses the software to find deals on a daily basis.

May 17 – Outside the Box Sourcing with Chris Wilkey and Tyler Nelson

Goal of the class: Learn outside of the box sourcing techniques and understand the process of testing out new ideas and leveraging the power of OAXRay.

May 24 РLooking to the Future with OAXRay with Chris Wilkey and Todd Noren-Hentz (co-owner of OAXRay)

Goal of the class: Introduce the class with one of the owners and main contact for support for OAXRay and see what the future holds for OAXRay.

I can’t wait to see all of you this evening!


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